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Next, we go into a montage that Cohen deems "the frightening implications" of being friends with Casey. You guessed it: here we have all the times Casey claimed a close friendship with a cheftestant who was then quickly sent home. The clip that represents Casey's friendship with CJ is a bit of a stretch. Back in the studio, Cohen asks Casey if she's the black widow of Top Chef 3. "I was her roommate," Sandee offers hysterically. Meanwhile, all this leads into a Dale montage. All of which we've seen. Back in the studio, Dale cracks, "I've always wanted a montage." The judges give Dale lots of props, and Cohen says that Dale has become a "mohawked sex symbol" and reads something from a writer-inner, who wants to know what if Dale's single and what his type is. Dale says, "Beauty's only a light switch away." Everyone laughs, particularly Colicchio. Dale adds, "I like men because they're men. And that's my type." Dale also admits that he's "very" single.

After the commercials, Cohen FINALLY announces that the fan favorite wins ten thousand dollars and a full range of Calphalon cookware. He then pulls out the check and announces, "Casey Thompson." The cameras zoom in for a close-up of the check, and Cohen is idiotically holding his finger over Casey's name. It's clearly her name, but still, that's just clumsy. Casey is flattered and happy, and now we get to dive into a Casey montage with many of the cheftestants saying how gorgeous she is, but also what a good chef she is. After the montage, Casey says she would love to go to Thailand with her newfound wealth, and of the current cast, she would love to take Lia with her. Hung's Andy Cohen-prompted advice for next year's cheftestants is that they should cook from the heart, take criticism better than he did, and have fun with it. Other cheftestants chime in about having fun, listening to the rules of the challenges, and not holding back. And also? Memorize some freaking pastry recipes, okay?!

And we're done. Really, finally, truly done with Season Three.

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