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After commercials, Cohen wants to know what the cheftestants' favorite challenge was. "Clay?" he asks singles out meanly. Seriously, so mean, but also, so not surprising coming from this guy. Clay makes a disgusted face as the other cheftestants laugh, and Howie says, "So, so wrong!" Cohen notes that he was only teasing and directs the question at the cheftestants who actually had staying power. Brian liked the seafood, the barbecue, and the ghetto grocery store. Dale liked the Bombay Sapphire cocktail and the finale. Hung liked Le Cirque. This devolves into them all talking about Le Cirque and how crazy it was and how uncomfortable it was to be walking into the kitchens like they were interns. Padma really liked that challenge because it showed her what they looked like in their natural habitat. Colicchio liked the French Culinary Institute challenge because he got to introduce Andre Soltner. Ted notes that Colicchio actually looked intimidated during that whole thing. "I actually walked off and had a moment," Colicchio admits. I'm really curious as to what sort of "moment" Colicchio would have. After the obligatory clip of Colicchio introducing the chefs from FCI, Colicchio says that when he was just a cook, Andre Soltner was "the guy" in the industry, so he was so honored to introduce him.

Cohen then gives us some clips he calls "Top Chef Leftovers." I wish Cohen were leftover. Left…over there. At least these are clips we haven't seen. We have things like Brian licking a spoon Sara N. was holding in the air as time ran out on a QF, Padma telling herself, "Boobies up, shoulders back," as she stands next to Govind Armstrong, and Colicchio shoving something -- a lime wedge? -- in his mouth and asking his fellow judges if he has anything in his teeth. Okay, that was cute. In fact, I found all the Colicchio clips surprisingly endearing. Gail is making a proclamation about something or other and forgets a cheftestant's name. Padma is shown sampling lots of Bombay Sapphire cocktails, after which she says, "So, now that we're all good and sloshed, let me tell you about the Elimination Challenge." There's another clip of Padma announcing and demonstrating how she's going to be leaning a lot after all those cocktails. We get a mini-montage of the cheftestants flubbing their way through confessionals, and one in particular of Howie being twice interrupted by a fire alarm and looking comically irritated by it. The best series shows Gail and Padma repeatedly reminding Colicchio to keep his hands away from his mouth. Finally when both Padma and Gail push his hand down, Colicchio snaps, "You don't gotta hit me!" all hen-pecked and crabby. In another scene, Colicchio's mic is getting fixed and he agrees, "Sure, I'll take a cocktail!" Gail does a tiny tongue stick-out that is really quite cute, and the cheftestants slip and fall around the kitchens. In one of the Rav-4s, the cameraman asks CJ and Howie to move closer together. "We don't gotta snuggle up, do we?" Howie asks with tired annoyance. Then he and CJ lean in, back to back, with Howie copping a Beastie Boys arm-fold pose.

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