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Back in the studio, Cohen notes that Colicchio looked "legitimately pissed off." Colicchio laughs and admits that he was "cranky," and Gail says they were actually scared of him. Colicchio says it was about three or four in the morning and he doesn't do well with altitude, so he wasn't real happy. Well, everybody had the same conditions. Next, we get a montage about how cruel the cheftestants were about each others' dishes. We've seen them all; if you want a description, read every recap I ever wrote. One thing we didn't originally see is Hung saying, "That tasted like my puke," and then laughing, recanting it, and saying, "That's bad, I don't wanna say that bullshit." Then we get a reaction montage to Hung's Froot Loop fantasy, and Brian commenting that he saw Frank do the 'Shroom Town thing last season, but Hung's rendition was way more freaktastic than that. Back in the studio, Cohen orders, "Hung, defend that dish!" Awesomely, Hung says, "There's nothing to defend, I was just having fun. Just having fun." After Dale notes that they all freaked out during that QF, Padma admits that the difficulty with the QF was less about the aisles and more about being constrained to a ten-dollar budget. Howie starts to say something -- and I think he was agreeing that ten dollars was a ridiculous budget -- but Padma interrupts him with, "Howie, you're going to protest? Because you didn't even do anything!" SNAP! And we get that clip of Howie serving nothing, which is sort of unfair, because again, I think Howie was agreeing with her.

Because Gail got engaged recently, a writer-inner wants to know which cheftestant she would chose to cater her wedding. Gail opts for all the ladies, telling them to bring it on. To bore us further, Cohen shoves us into some clips of Brian and Howie being one-noters with their seafood and pork fanaticism, and Hung sous-videing everything except Padma's fried toe. In the studio, Hung attempts to defend his sous-vide technique by saying that just like using sauté pans, sous-vide is simply another way of cooking something. I don't really see why the other cheftestants are making such big deal about it -- Hung's right. It's just a cooking method, one that usually ensures a sealing-in of flavor and moisture. While it experienced a resurgence at the same time the foams and gelees hit the scene, it's really not the same thing as molecular gastronomy. Someone -- maybe MALARKEY! -- leans over and says that Hung won, so he doesn't need to defend anything.

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