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Carla says there are thirty-five minutes left, and everyone runs around trying to get their food packed up to transport it to the venue. Hosea interviews that he knows his food is good, but everyone else seems happy with their dishes too, so who knows? People are just running around with trays of food and stuffing them in coolers. Carla tells the camera that she's stressed, but all of her food is done. Except for the oysters. She still has A LOT to shuck, and she doesn't have a plan. The coolers are loaded and everyone exits the kitchen.

They arrive at the New Orleans Museum of Art with one hour until service begins. Fabio reminds us in an interview that winning this challenge means going to the final. Carla tells the camera that her soup is done, except for the oysters, and only a third of them are shucked. She gets to work trying to shuck. Each cheftestant gets a bartender to serve their cocktail. They each give instructions to their bartender, with Fabio emphasizing that he's going to be mixing his own drinks, and the bartender will just be serving. Carla is a little worried about serving a non-alcoholic drink in New Orleans, but she doesn't drink herself, so she can stand behind her choice.

Padma, Colicchio, Emeril, and GAIL arrive for judging. Carla is particularly psyched to see Gail, clapping and pointing at her, calling out, "GIRL! Love you!" Padma says the service will begin in fifteen minutes, so last-minute preparations begin in earnest. Jeff borrows some cream from Carla, and Hosea realizes that he didn't bring enough serving utensils. Carla yells out that everyone is asking for stuff from her, but no one is helping her shuck oysters. Stefan calls out, "One second, honey" and Carla retorts that all men say that. When did this show turn into an episode of According to Jim?

The guests begin arriving. It's not clear how much time has passed between the last challenge and this one, but it's clearly enough for Stefan to pack on the pounds, and also for the first few episodes to air, as the guests recognize the cheftestants. Carla comments on the beautiful gowns the guests are wearing, and says it's like Mardi Gras but you don't have to flash. You know Carla has totally flashed during Mardi Gras. Fabio has nudity on the mind as well, except he thinks that the masks everyone is wearing are like an old porno movie he saw once. Eyes Wide Shut? Or some obscure Italian film? Or maybe just a regular old porno, because it's not like I've seen every porno ever. Shut it! I haven't!

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