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High Voltage
m is still there to comfort him. Kevin will absolutely land on his feet.

So which brother will take it? Tom compliments them for what they've done this season. Bryan and Michael agree that they're proud of one another and they're both pleased to be there together. Padma hesitates, and then tells Michael that he's the winner. They hug and the judges grin at their long embrace. And then their mom comes in as Michael interviews that he wishes they could both win. But seriously, they kind of did. Michael sheds a few tears and then tells Padma that she finally got her emotion; she must have accused him of being a robot at some point. Bryan interviews that he's a little disappointed, but proud that his little brother won, and better him than anyone else. It would be nice if they could do a Usual Suspects after the winner is announced and show us a quick montage of WHY that person won, since the editing was designed to make it a little unclear so until I read the blogs on the official site, I wasn't quite sure what happened there. Long story short: it was close, but the judges wanted to reward Michael's creativity and boldness over Bryan's restraint. So there you go! We can only hope that the quality of the talent on this show stays as high as it was this season in the future.

Watch Michael's exclusive post-victory interview video and get a healthy alternative to the winning recipe.

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