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Draining The Tre

After the commercials, Colicchio once again tells each cheftestant why they suck. He does the same thing Every. Damn. Week. It needs a word or a term. There's a long pause and Padma tells Tre he's going home. CJ totally swallows hard and seems to bite back emotion. To us, Tre takes it all in stride. He knew that by being executive chef he was offering himself up for sacrifice if it all went awry. In the back, Tre announces his departure. The other chefs seem too stunned to really react. Brian tells us he thought Tre was going to be one of the last chefs there, because he is one of the best chefs in the house. CJ sadly tells us that he's really sorry to see Tre go, but notes that Tre took his dismissal "as a man." CJ hugs Tre and says, "I'm sorry." Tre turns to everyone and says, "Enjoy yourselves," before walking off into the sunset of their applause. Sara and Casey seem to be crying. Tre packs his knives and tells us, "They couldn't peg CJ for being in low production and not of much help, but if an executive chef can't lead a team to success, then that executive chef is the flaw." Tre thinks he now has enough knowledge to open his own restaurant and be successful at it.

Next week: We get a BYE! Just so Bravo can drag this season out even more!

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