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Draining The Tre

The two teams hang out in their spaces, waiting for Maud's brother to favor them with his presence. The Raging Bitch tackles The Garage first. Hung beams at him, definitely not realizing who he was on opening night. However, Dale, having received The Raging Bitch's comments about vegetable monkey medleys firsthand, recognizes him instantly. The Raging Bitch shakes everyone's hand and nods, "We met last night," to Dale. Dale smiles tightly back. "I guess Karma's a bitch," Dale tells us, "because the designer is the asshole from the night before. Chris." Karma's not just a bitch, my sweets, she's a Raging Bitch. To my delight, Dale goes on: "He is definitely one of the most annoying people I've ever met in my life, and being Madonna's brother really doesn't save him." The Raging Bitch goes off on both their décor and their plating. He makes his suggestions: get white tablecloths, put some art on the walls (of course he found a particular artist for them already who is into graphic stuff. Much like his sister), etc. Dale says that his team listened to The Raging Bitch and agreed to go ultra modern with their décor. For his part, Howie is happy to get all the help they can get. The Raging Bitch moves on to Restaurant April, and Brian recognizes him as the guy who "really gave [them] a headache" the night before. The Raging Bitch tells them to remove everything from their walls and then come up with a quote about food or eating to be stenciled on their walls.

Back at Top Chef Towers, Tre works on the balcony -- skipping rope, doing push-ups -- and The Garage decides to go out and make plans for their restaurant. Tre doesn't hide the fact that he can hear them and tells us he had every reason to extend his workout. He then goes inside and reports that The Garage is keeping their menu heavy by adding a rabbit with gnocchi first course. CJ tells us he's confident because The Garage has to overhaul their entire menu, while they're just tweaking a few things. Restaurant April talks about dessert, and Tre rattles off, "Granny Smith apple bread pudding with cinnamon anglaise and mint sauce." "Money," Brian tells him. "I can do bread pudding in my sleep," Tre says. No! Tre, that's what you said about barbecue! Casey offers to help Tre with the dessert and then goes on to us about how she and Tre are leaning on each other "like brother and sister." This is the first we're seeing of that. I'm thinking Casey puts a lot more meaning into these reality show relationships than the people she's having a relationship with do. She does it to seem more important. I'll bet she didn't come up with the brother-sister thing until after she knew Tre was leaving. That way, we'd feel sorry for her or know that she felt his leaving so much more than anyone else. Including Tre. That, or she's a curse because the last time she expressed significant preference for a cheftestant, she got sent home. Tre tells us, "I'm from the school of hard knocks -- fourteen years of working your way up to everywhere you've been. I'm here on Top Chef to win." So, we've had two life stories at this point: CJ and his cancer and Tre and his school of hard knocks. One of them is clearly going home. If not both of them. The one who does not go home will win.

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