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Marcel finally gets tired of this and says, "What the fuck's your problem?" Sam and Ilan trade bully gloats and Ilan says, "Maybe you should have fought to stick with envy." "Maybe you should shut your fucking mouth," Marcel tells him. "Oooooh," Ilan mocks, apparently not noticing that he is the one making himself look like a puss in this situation. I mean... by the time you're an adult, the person who starts flinging personal insults is usually the person who cares more, and as stated earlier, the person who cares more pretty much loses by definition. If we're insulting each other, and you care and I don't, then it doesn't really matter which of us is better at it. I still win. Ilan is obsessed with Marcel at this point, and so is Sam. Marcel is more obsessed with the food, not like he doesn't care at all about being picked on, but he cares much less than they do. That basically means Marcel wins, you know? Marcel says in an interview that if anything, the business with Ilan is motivating him. An exaggeration, but still.

Things are poured and packed for the trip to wherever they're going.

Back from commercials, the cheftestants bring their wares up to this huge house with a gorgeous kitchen and dining room. Cliff explains that it's important for them to all stick together and work as a team to make the entire dinner come off. Shortly, Ted and Padma and the rest of the guests approach the house. Debi welcomes everyone to the party. There's also a guest judge, whose name I can't catch, no matter how hard I try. I told you I was a peasant. Cliff also says that Debi is "cute as a button." Sam says that he recognized "the guitarist from Extreme." Really? I mean... really? He is storing a lot of data in there. There's also a woman from The Sopranos, which I haven't ever been able to get into, so I'm of no help to you there. ["Ah, Charmaine Bucco. You wonderful, shrill harpy." -- Joe R] As the meal gets underway, Marcel volunteers to serve the wine that goes with Sam's course, and he checks with Sam first. Remember, this is Sam who absolutely fucking screamed at him in public earlier. Marcel does not think, apparently, that this needs to destroy the dinner party and make everyone unsuccessful in what they're all trying to do. I think it's a great strategy move for Marcel to get out there early, incidentally -- the guy's a decent schmooze in a certain way, and it's pretty much always an advantage to get yourself on the radar early. As Marcel pours the wine and introduces himself to Debi, he says that the service started off well, with everybody helping. Back in the kitchen, while Marcel is working, Betty and Ilan knock fists over a vow to have it be Marcel who goes home next.

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