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Hate the Sin, Love the Dinner

The judges are discussing. Colicchio points out that the three dishes were the worst of a generally good lot, and that all three of them had issues. Padma complains that "the funnel cake was limp and flaccid." Take that, virgin-hater. Basically, they all hated Ilan's dessert very, very much, and they liked almost nothing about it. They all pretty quickly conclude that Marcel's wasn't really that bad, and Padma really liked the gelee. Colicchio thinks it's really gross how Betty and Ilan attacked that dish as the worst when it clearly wasn't, and Ted thinks the personality conflicts are tiresome. They do agree it wasn't lusty enough. On the topic of Betty's soups, everyone agrees the texture was terrible, and she should have put them through a chinoise instead. I have to say, even Wikipedia knows the difference between a chinoise and a China cap. Also, Colicchio thinks the flavors were nothing to write home about.

They call the three losers back in. Colicchio talks about the challenge, and about the fact that they each "committed a culinary sin." Ilan's dish sucked. Marcel's dish wasn't lustful. Betty's soup was bad and gross-looking. Padma announces that the person going home is Betty. Ha! Ilan and Betty hug. Marcel looks at Betty, prepared, I think, to offer something gracious if she wants to look at him and make eye contact, which she doesn't, because she's embarrassed. Betty tells us that she was "blessed" to be with these people, but she's very unhappy that she didn't last longer than Marcel, because she thinks she deserved to. She just knows she's talented. "I am a winner!" she says. Even though she's totally not a winner. She came in seventh. But don't tell her.

Next time: I return to Lean Cuisine, and your recapper returns to you.

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