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Ostrich Egg Isn’t Enough

After service is finished, Colicchio tastes all of the dishes, and the diners fill out comment cards. Most of the diners were not impressed by the food, and some go so far to say that they were angry at how bad the dishes were. Colicchio joins the other judges and says that service went fine, but some of the food was disappointing. They discuss how New American cuisine has evolved over the years, and it seems like the cheftestants didn't follow the evolution. They're also disappointed with the quality of this week's dishes after the food they saw last week.

Colicchio visits the cheftestants in the Stew Room and tells them that they did a great job setting up their stations and executing, but the food wasn't good, and they set New American cuisine back twenty years. Alex interviews that Colicchio took the challenge a little personally. He asks Jamie, Hosea, Ariane, Fabio, Carla, and Jill to come to the Judges' Table. It took me until this episode to realize that they've adopted the Project Runway style of elimination this season, where they invite both best and worst out together so that people don't know which group they fall into. I like it better; it creates more suspense. Padma reiterates that they weren't pleased with the quality of the food overall, but there were some bright spots. Tom thought Carla's pastry was excellent, even though the cheese could have been incorporated better. Padma says it was her favorite dessert. Padma calls on Fabio next and he starts babbling about how he thought his ingredients were great and he doesn't understand what he could have done differently to get the judges to like his dish. Padma finally lets him off the hook and says that they liked the dish and everyone laughs. Gail says that the grilled lemon was awesome, and Donatella and Tom points out his spherical olives as unique. Jamie's corn puree was well-seasoned, and the texture was good. So Carla, Fabio, and Jamie were the favorites. Donatella announces that the winner is Fabio. Everyone applauds. Fabio interviews in Italian that he's psyched to win the competition and the top three go back to the Stew Room where everyone congratulates Fabio. Fabio is psyched that he's tied with Stefan for wins in Elimination Challenges.

Now the judges must confront the three losers. First up is Hosea, who says that he chose light and seasonal ingredients and he's actually surprised that he's in the losing group. Padma explains that the diners thought it was too sweet and not salty enough. Gail thought the crab tasted off, and Tom adds that the ingredients should have worked, but didn't. Ariane is up next, and she says that she serves her dish at her restaurant, and maybe she was too safe. Padma asks if she tasted it, and Ariane says that she did, so Padma admits that she spit it out. That's all they have for Ariane, so they move on to Jill, who says that she gave herself an extra challenge by working with an ingredient she hadn't used before. Tom says that an ostrich egg could be special, but she didn't do anything interesting with it. Gail just thought it didn't taste good. Jill looks kind of flummoxed and can't really come up with a reason why she would do better next time other than that she felt pressured by time. Except every competition has a time limit, so that won't really work out.

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