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Ostrich Egg Isn’t Enough

The losers head back to the Stew Room where Ariane immediately announces that she's going home. Well, she's a fountain of positivity, isn't she? They also discuss how the judges thought that most of the food was terrible. Richard clarifies that it wasn't bad food, but it didn't fit the theme. Hosea hugs Leah and says again that he really thought he was brought out to be in the winning group. At the Judges' Table, Gail says that she was unable to pinpoint what was wrong with his dish, but the tastes were conflicting. Tom doesn't think it was good enough to merit his confidence. The judges talk about how Ariane's dish was too sweet as in the Stew Room, Ariane tells everyone that she knew her dish was too sweet. Moving on to Jill's dish, Gail complains about how lame her defense was. If you even want to call it a defense. It was pretty lame. Donatella doesn't see a thought process or point of view in her cooking. Padma thinks the ostrich egg was chosen to make Jill stand out, and Tom says that she painted herself in a corner with that choice. They all agree that a decision has been made and call the losers back out for the verdict.

Colicchio starts by talking about New American cuisine again, and then says that New York is the toughest place in the world to make it as a chef. I think I'm going to be a little sick of that trope by the end of the season. Colicchio calls Hosea out for his complacency and says that won't fly in Manhattan. Colicchio says that Ariane's "so-so" cooking isn't going to be enough. He then tells Jill that using unique ingredients is only part of the challenge; she needs to figure out how to make her food stand out from the other talented competitors. Padma tells Jill to pack her knives and go. In her exit interview, Jill says that she feels it's a bit unfair that Ariane got to stay when Padma spit her dish out. I think Jill is underestimating Padma's ability to be a drama queen. Jill still doesn't get it though; she talks again about how awesome her ostrich egg was, and how the judges just didn't appreciate it. Back in the Stew Room, Ariane is sobbing and being all dramatic and I really hope she goes next week because she's working my last nerve, and I could put up with it if I thought she also created good dishes, but she obviously doesn't. Jill wishes that she had used the opportunity to show off a dish that she felt really strongly about. Meanwhile, Ariane is still sobbing all over the place about how she doesn't deserve to stay and Carla is reassuring her. Bleh. Pull yourself together, woman. Next week, the cheftestants cook for the Foo Fighters, one of my favorite bands, in Rochester, my hometown. That almost makes up for having a new episode the night before Thanksgiving.

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