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Ain't it Offal, Mabel?

The losers are called back in and reminded by Padmadala that they are the worst. Colicchio goes off on all of them again for making bad choices. "You had three hours to prepare your dish and you didn't even cook anything!" Colicchio says to them, "That was your downfall." Their downfall was not cooking anything? So, if they reminded him that they sautéed the pineapple, what would he drum up? I'm not saying they both shouldn't be sent home, but it just really sounds like they're reaching for excuses. Padmadala says, "Marisa... " Marisa nods resignedly. "And Josie," Padmadala continues, "Please pack your knives and go." Josie nods and looks down. Oh. I am so surprised. I didn't see that coming for one minute, not for one minute. The camera pulls in on Mia's dramatically dropped jaw. Look, I know we all will open our mouths in surprise, but the way they've got Mia doing it is not believable. It looks like she maybe did have her mouth open slightly in surprise, but a camera wasn't on her to catch it, so they went back for a pick-up shot and coached her to do it again. It looks ridiculous and completely unnatural. She's even looking straight at the camera initially. So fake. SO FAKE! Elia puts her hands up to her cheeks. Josie and Marisa make little speeches. Mia wipes her eyes. That seems real. The cheftestants leave.

In the back, Josie says, "It was a pleasure working with all of you." Marcel wants to know what that means. "That Josie and I are going home!" Marisa says, fairly happily. Someone says, "I told you it would be two of us." Hugs all around. Cliff seems shocked. Elia tells us she was in shock and we see her crying. Josie says to us, "This was the first time in an Elimination Challenge I was on that chopping block. The first time! And you're going send someone with so much talent home?" Josie shrugs. Nothing wrong with her self-confidence. The remaining cheftestants applaud. Marisa tells us it's been tough but great, and she would do it all over again, "I'd would just make a few different choices that's all." How about the choice not to do a weird calendar? Also, stop with the Choice Theme, because it's forced and it's bugging me. "It's hard to walk away when you know that you're so talented and you just made, like, a bad decision, and it's, like, that decision cost you your whole, like, chance. I came here to win it! I had a lot of confidence going into this competition because I know how damn talented I really am." Man, she is putting all her egos in one basket.

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