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Ain't it Offal, Mabel?

Over at Marcel and Frank's duo of salmon and beets, there's a bit of an issue. Marcel is complaining about a raw onion taste in something. "We'll cut it down," Frank insists, "but I think we should use them." Marcel is peeling roasted beets right now, so I have no idea what the "them" is that taste of raw onion and can be spoken of in the plural. Marcel suggests that Frank make one and he make one. Marcel tells us, "When it came time to make our salmon tartare, Frank decided to come up with a little bit of kind of just a gnarly sauce." Is that a technical term? Marcel didn't like Frank's sauce. Frank tastes something and tells Marcel, "It's good. It's subtle, but I think I like mine better." They call over Cliff to ask his opinion. Cliff tastes and immediately decides that Marcel's is "ten times better" because Frank's is "just too oily." I really enjoy how much they trust each other in this show. They aren't worried that Cliff will tell them the bad-tasting sauce is the one to be served in the hopes of being able to sacrifice them to the judges. Marcel rubs his forehead and says, "Dude, I agree, I kinda like mine a little bit more." "Okay," Frank shrugs and goes off to make some cement boots, size Teen Wolf. Marcel tells us that Frank was offended by Cliff's pick because his special sauce was his chance to put his name on their dish.

Out of the blue Marisa asks, "Elia, what are you making over there?" We can't really see Elia but we hear her say, "JOOOOCE." (Juice.) "Oh," Marisa says with exaggerated roundness of the mouth. Why is she asking? Because she and Josie are also doing something liquidy in a shot glass. Carlos and Elia assure her they didn't know they were planning that. Marisa tells us, "We were going to make a cucumber-prickly pear drink with basil, but Carlos and Elia were also planning on making a basil drink." Marisa reports back to Josie, there's some profanity, and Marisa tells us they decided to change their drink to a coconut-lime-prickly pear thing and serve it in a Chinese soupspoon. The soupspoons are making a comeback! Their popularity languished with no Stephen around to fluff them up, but they might just make it yet. We see the slightly pink liquid in a soupspoon is garnished with lime zest. The chefs yell out questions to each other. Marisa tells us that things were getting intense and busy, and there was a definite lack of them working together as a cohesive team.

Guests and Jennifer Coolidge show up. The cheftestants have fifteen minutes. Marcel tells us, "Everyone's running around, Chicken Little, the sky is falling, heads cut off... " No, the offal was the Quickfire, Marcel. "It was total chaos," Marcel goes on, "Whereas my service was very regimented." Jennifer Coolidge comes into the kitchen to say hi and thank them for making lunch. "We hope you like it!" someone calls. I'll bet it was Betty. "I know I WILL like it," Jennifer Coolidge says. The guests sit down.

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