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Padma asks them to send in the boys. Jeff, Fabio, and Stefan head to Judges' Table. Did you ever notice that every time the cheftestants walk in to Judges' Table, the editors put in a shot of Toby Young looking stern? I don't know what that's about. Padma asks Fabio to defend his dish first. Fabio knows that when the judges tasted his meat, it was overcooked. He claims that the meat was fine when he sliced it, but he put it on top of hot cabbage and it kept cooking while it sat as they tasted Spike's dish. Colicchio is dubious that the meat was medium rare at first, though Fabio claims it's true. Scott Conant says that intentions don't matter, because it's all about the end product, trying to get Fabio to admit he made a mistake. Fabio will do no such thing. Scott Conant goes on to criticize the wilted greens and cheese without acid on the plate. Fabio keeps babbling about cheese and acid and Conant shuts him down with, "Please. I'm the judge here, not you. Relax." Ooh, someone is impervious to Fabio's charms. Conant keeps telling Fabio that he failed and it's his own fault. Fabio finally catches his snap and clams up.

Padma moves on to Stefan, who admits that this is his first time on the losing side. Toby thought his dish was uninspired. Colicchio says that Dallas "is a big in-your-face kind of state" (Dallas is a state?) and they were hoping for more flavor out of the dish. Conant points out the irony of Stefan being the only one to choose his opponent and then losing. It's like a black fly in your chardonnay, except that the fly thing is not ironic at all.

Padma asks Jeff for his take on the situation. Jeff says that he first thought of fried food and whatnot for the Super Bowl, but then he saw his ingredients and decided to go for elegant food. And then at the competition, they had plastic plates. NO! Plastic plates? Why did he not stomp right out of there and refuse to serve his ELEGANT food on plastic plates? Jesus, he is tiresome. Get over yourself, dillweed. Colicchio pretty much says that, and Jeff whines that he got beat "by a hot bean ceviche." Colicchio tells Jeff that he lost because his dish wasn't as flavorful, regardless of temperature. Jeff details all of the steps he went through, because apparently this is Top As Complicated As Possible At The Expense of Flavor and not Top Chef. I promise I'll stop making that joke soon. Couldn't resist. Toby Young thought Josie's dish had more authentic flavors, and Jeff says he can't argue with it if they think he got beat. Colicchio tells Jeff that his dish was "a very watered-down version of ceviche." Boom! Roasted!

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