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Stefan has a fully planned dessert dish, but Leah mumbles that she decided to do a crust on some fish, because she didn't know what else to do. Hasn't she made that dish before, but without the oats? I mean, they had forty-five minutes. Pan-seared fish takes like ten minutes. She couldn't use more time to plan? Or get more creative with it? Hosea is way too amused that Leah is making fish yet again, and is having trouble with the pin bones once more. Carla impresses us all with her oat knowledge. Okay, not really, but the girl does know more than anyone but Wilford Brimley should know about oats. Fabio decides to do a fried eggplant coated in oats, and explains that he really needs a win because he's been in the middle a lot. Instead of pulverizing the oats to make powder, Fabio rolls the eggplant in whole oats, which results in a really bulky dish. Jamie interviews that it's a lot of oats. Agreed. Also, the word oats has lost all meaning. Padma calls five minutes and everyone rushes to plate the food.

Time for tasting. Stefan has made banana mousse with oatmeal, and oat-almond petit fours. Scott Conant cracks himself up way too much when he asks if the rose on the plate is edible. I think Scott and Padma were indulging in some Michael Phelps action before the tasting. Fabio made the aforementioned oat-crusted eggplant with a corn and Parmesan salad. Scott giggles and says that it speaks for itself. What does that even mean? Fabio assumes it was bad, and also kind of disrespectful. I can't argue with that.

Carla made pecan-and-oat-crusted tofu with oatmeal and lentil salad. Sounds gross, but it actually looks pretty decent on the plate, if a little brown. She tried to dress it up by including what looked like red peppers and maybe corn in the salad, for some color. The tofu was marinated in some Asian flavor. She's one of the few people who didn't use the oats as a crust. Jamie made coconut-and-oat-crusted shrimp, nectarine salsa, and avocado crème fraiche. Scott clarifies that the crust is just oats and coconut.

Hosea made oat-crusted wiener schnitzel with warm potato salad and mustard sauce. How Germanic of him. No comment from the judges. Leah made oat-crusted branzino and mussels with escarole and bacon. Scott asks for the inspiration on combining escarole and bacon and Leah whines, "I just love bacon?" Good one. Jeff made oat-crusted chicken paillard, grits, and fried zucchini. Everything is coated in oats. Jeff interviews that his presentation wasn't the greatest because everything was kind of brown and oaty, but he appreciated that Scott took multiple bites, indicating that it was good. Or, he was trying to figure out exactly why it was not good, right?

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