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Losers first. Scott thinks Leah's fish was overcooked, and clashed with the bacon. Fabio's oat crust was too heavy, and all you could taste was oats. Jeff's plate was too monochromatic and heavy. But what about the winners? Scott liked how Carla integrated the tofu and the vegetables. Jamie's shrimp was well cooked and he liked the avocado crème fraiche. Stefan had good flavor combinations, and while his dish was simple, it was also good. Hear that, Jeff? And the winner is Stefan, who pretends to be surprised. Stefan interviews that he's won five challenges back to back, and he feels like all the years he's invested into cooking are finally paying off. Hosea laughs that Stefan's head is growing with each win.

Elimination Challenge. Padma tells the cheftestants to head to the Stew Room for a present while she preps the kitchen. I'm so sure Padma lifted a finger to prep the kitchen. Fabio says, "We been told in the Stew Room, there is a present for us. A dog?" Hee. Instead of a dog, they find chef's jackets with their names and the number five on the back. Leah has to be told that the number refers to their season. Jeff says he played football as a kid and he loves it. Hosea guesses that they'll be cooking against the Giants. Yes, because they are well known for their cooking prowess. Eating prowess, perhaps. Leah interviews that she doesn't know any Giants players, but she knows Tom Brady, because he's hot. Ugh. She just gave women a bad name. Also, Tom Brady? Not that cute.

Having donned their new jackets, the cheftestants return to the kitchen to find a variety of football helmets from different NFL teams set out, next to bins of food. Fabio thinks the challenge will be to cook something, but he wishes his challenge would be to put a helmet on and knock someone off. Isn't Fabio miniature-sized? I think the only person he might be able to take is Leah. Padma announces that this is Top Chef Bowl, and introduces their opponents. A bunch of former contestants come bursting through a piece of paper in the doorway, hooting and hollering. Carla refers to them as "past season All-Stars" but dude, hardly. She's particularly excited to see Andrew, because she lurrrrrves him.

So the former contestants are S4 Andrew, S2 Josie, S1 Andrea, S4 Spike, S3 Camille (Who? No, seriously. Who?), S4 Nikki, and S1 Miguel. Jamie admits that she was a little intimidated, because she recognized them from television. I don't think she should be intimidated. This group is hardly the cream of the crop. More like the middle of the crop. The best finish among them was Andrew, who made the top five. None of them made it to finals, so almost all of this season's cheftestants will finish higher than this "All-Star" team. I get that it may be tough to convince the higher finishers to come back, because they are busy actually, you know, cooking, or may not be local. But let's not call them All-Stars.

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