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Hosea explains that they are only allowed to bring raw ingredients out to the kitchen. So they can prep, dice, chop, slice, or whatever, but all the cooking has to be done in the allotted twenty minutes. Miguel frets over all the pin bones in his salmon. Hosea sees that Miguel is working with cedar planks, which Hosea feels has been done before. Miguel warns the current crop that they won't be able to "outbeat the grandfathers." Articulation and pithiness was never Miguel's strong suit. Actually, I'm not sure what his strong suit was. Identifying junk food in a blind taste test?

Spike is starting to remember how crazy and anxiety-causing the challenges are for him. Fabio is worried that he won't be able to cook venison AND a side dish in twenty minutes. He frets, "That's not coooooking. That's rushing." Welcome to this show? Do they ever have luxurious amounts of time to cook anything, except maybe in the final challenge? Fabio concludes, "I'm a professional chef. There's nothing that can stress me out. If they going to give me a monkey ass to fill with fried banana, I'll come up with something anyway. It's not a problem." Fabio is really obsessed with monkey ass. Was he traumatized by a monkey as a child?

Carla thinks that gumbo is the best dish to represent New Orleans. She may be right, but a twenty-minute gumbo is going to be tough to pull off. Andrew warns the current crop that they have to bring their A-game, or he will stomp them and piss on their bodies. Somebody's trying a little too hard. I don't want someone who's about to serve food to be talking about blood and piss, thanks.

Hosea nearly sets Leah's arm on fire with a flambé. Metaphor for their relationship? Leah explains that New York doesn't have a specific cuisine, since it's such an ethnic melting pot. Nikki explains that she's really competitive. Bleh. Those two are boring.

Stefan and Andrea share a beer, and he teases her about not eating meat. She reveals that she does actually eat meat. They drink their beer out of plastic containers, and then Stefan interviews that Andrea was kicked off her season early (and twice), but she may have learned more technique since her season. You can tell he doesn't really believe that, though.

Weird interstitial. Spike puts on a Green Bay helmet and ties a towel or flag around his neck and bullies Fabio and Jamie. He claims that the show should have ended after his season. Some would argue it should have ended much earlier, dude, so watch where you go with that argument.

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