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Round five is San Francisco 49ers: Jamie vs. Camille (who?). Jamie admits in an interview that she doesn't know if her dish is good enough and she doesn't want to let the team down. Jamie listens to Camille's plans and then interviews that she would never put those flavors together (mustard, miso, crab, and sweet potatoes). I kind of have to agree, especially the mustard with the crab and sweet potatoes. Camille prepared a miso sweet potato mash with mustard crab meat and salad. Jamie prepared crab cioppino with olives, basil, and toasted sourdough. Padma and Toby like Jamie's dish, but Scott and Colicchio like Camille, so it's once again to the panel. This time it's unanimously for Jamie, so she gets all ten points. I still think that's horseshit. Camille is like, "Fame! I'm gonna live forever! Baby, remember my name!" No problem, Camille. I totally won't. Score: Home Team 34 and Visitors 16.

Round six is Miami Dolphins: Jeff vs. Josie. They're both making ceviche and Jeff denigrates Josie for serving it hot. Everything I know about ceviche comes from watching this show, so I looked up some shrimp ceviche recipes and most of them agree with Jeff and refrigerate the dish. Jeff also makes fun of Josie's plating style, because she just slops food onto the plate. He is such a snob. He seems talented, but maybe he should keep his eyes on his own paper. Josie prepared warm rock shrimp ceviche with papaya. Jeff prepared a rock shrimp ceviche with sangria sorbet. Sounds simple, but he has many more ingredients involved, including jicama and cilantro. Padma chooses Jeff, but the rest of the judges go with Josie. Colicchio says Josie's is more authentic. In reading his official blog, it sounds like Colicchio was upset that Jeff pre-cooked the shrimp, since ceviche is traditionally supposed to be cooked by the citrus juices. But in my research (and in Gail's blog), it says that's only true of fish, and shellfish are traditionally pre-cooked unless they are incredibly fresh, to avoid bacteria. So that seems like kind of a bullshit reason to not choose Jeff's dish. Jeff seems offended, and the fans also choose Josie, so even if there were a tie with the judges, Jeff would have lost. Backstage, Jeff complains that he was told his dish was too complex, and he interviews that he would have been embarrassed to serve Josie's dish. Does he understand that he comes off like a dickhole when he says things like that? I bet he's a great chef in his own environment, but he doesn't react well to the constraints of the competition. Score: Home Team 34 and Visitors 26.

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