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Stupid Displeasures

After calling food and sport two pillars of Chicago culture, Colicchio tells Nikki that here, "sausage is like a religion," and that if she wanted to impress, she should have made her own. He tells Ryan that his food was completely inappropriate for a tailgate party, a fact that Ryan actually seems to accept as a badge of honor, but then Colicchio adds that "if we were sitting in a fancy restaurant, the food just wasn't very good," which hits home harder. As for Mark, he needs to learn how to clean it up, since a sloppy station begets sloppy food. In the end, Ryan packs his ego and heads home (I actually thought it would be Nikki, since she's been consistently on the bottom, but Ryan won't be missed), but not before letting us know that he went down for cooking "Ryan Scott tailgate food" and delivering another nonsensical monologue about how awesome everything was and how proud he is. I think he could have removed "tailgate" from that last quote -- it would explain even more succinctly why he's going back to Cali.

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