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Back in the kitchen, there will be two hours to prep, before packing everything for transport to Soldier Field. Andrew -- also not a sports guy, which seems to be the standard refrain for almost everyone, expect Dale -- is one of the shrimp people, and is using bacon, always a surefire hit (at least he hopes so -- just ask Lisa). Stephanie, clutching a handful of bacon as well, explains that she's going to give Chicagoans what they want ("a little more than just your average hot dog or hamburger") by making pork tenderloin with a pear, potato, and bacon salad. Spike, "attacking [his] prep work," shows off his inner nature by manhandling a ton of wings, all enrobed with a bright red spice rub.

Jen, along with Dale, loves football (insert obvious joke here) -- her dad is a huge fan -- and she is making a Greek-inspired dish as a nod to, of course, Zoi. Man, Zoi may be gone, but she will certainly not be forgotten, as broken-record Jen and the producers are going to make us suffer for their disappointment at losing the potential lesbian drama. Jen will be offering tzatziki with chicken souvlaki and quinoa tabouli. Best of luck foisting tabouli on a bunch of die-hard football fans. Ryan, bless his dopey little heart, is making bread salad, chicken thighs, and a dessert of poached pears with crème fraiche, as well as chili-spiced cocoa, which will probably go over even worse than tabouli, as faggy as it all sounds. Richard, throwing his burgers, chortles over Ryan's "five course meal," but methinks that people who serve paté melts have no business throwing stones.

Lisa's bludgeoning a skirt steak, which she'll serve with corn cakes, and which hopefully won't be as inedible as her steak tacos. "Beating my meat," she calls it. Even though high-end Asian is her thing, she knows what grills well based on years of family experience, and thinks she's poised for another victory. Mark loses a fight with a blender filled with a murky brown liquid (and sprays Stephanie in the process) as Colicchio appears for his weekly walk-through. He talks tailgating with Jen ("two of my brothers played football," says she, as she pushes skewers into her chicken); she's feeling more "at ease" since she has immunity. Antonia, "picturing big fat men that like to drink a lot of beer," imagines that a Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich is the key to their hearts.

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