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Sarah starts getting light headed and has trouble breathing. She goes to see the medic, who gives her an oxygen mask and starts asking her questions. Whatever he sees worries him, and he calls an ambulance and they take her out on a stretcher. Both Lindsay and Ty come over and assure her that she'll be fine, and not to worry about the food, although Ty interviews that she should be worried, because being absent can always increase the risk that you'll go home.

Ugh, I just noticed that Dr. Pepper is a sponsor of the show. I hope that had nothing to do with Chris Hollywood's decision to use it in his sauce.

The teams start setting up for service. Colicchio comes over to Ed and Ty and tells them that Sarah is dead. Just kidding! I wonder what the show would do if someone died during a challenge. Wow, that's morbid. Okay, moving on. Sarah is in the hospital so she probably won't be back for service, and they're on their own. Ed interviews that they're wondering about Sarah's condition but then in the next breath, he says that Sarah's a pussy. So Ed and Ty freak out and start trying to cut all their meat and get them in hotel pans, because they don't think they'll be able to cut to order during service. Ed's throwing hissy fits and tossing lids around like a child. No need to panic, dude. Anyway, Ed explains that he hates to cut the meat in advance because then it goes in a steam tray and the meat gets steamed and overcooked. So he knows it's probably going to be a disaster but doesn't feel like they have any choice.

The guests begin to arrive. The line is super long and everyone is trying to get their food out as quickly as possible. Ty reminds us that he and Ed have seven items on their plates and have to serve three hundred people. Maybe they should just put the homemade pickles on the counter and let people take their own. That seems like a dumb use of time. A band starts playing. It's very Stevie Ray Vaughn Lite. The judges arrive and Padma immediately wants to get a beer. I loved that. Some other highlights include Chris Hollywood serving watermelon juice and Chris Moto wearing a shirt that says "I Eat Vegans." I hate clever T-shirts, especially when they're not clever.

The judges are finally eating the food from the three teams. First up is the Blue Team (Grayson, Lindsay and Paul), who serve Asian spare rib, chicken and brisket, with sides of Brussels sprouts and watermelon salad. The judges eat the chicken first, and says that it's delicious, sticky, sweet and spicy. They're not as enthusiastic about the brisket and the ribs, and Tom notes that the Brussels sprouts are, as Paul feared, undercooked. He can't even get his fork in them. The Salt Lick owner really enjoys the combination of watermelon and cilantro.

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