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Next up is the White Team (Beverly, Chris Hollywood and Chris Moto) who serve beer can chicken, brisket done in the smoker and Dr. Pepper glazed pork ribs. We don't hear anything about their sides. Nathan points out that it's roast chicken, not barbeque chicken, and Tom adds that there's no smoke flavor. Their beans are undercooked. Tom notes, as Chris stated earlier, that the ribs are too salty. The brisket is chewy but juicy. Apparently, they made coleslaw? And people liked it? I'm not sure why they didn't mention the sides at all during service, but then again, I bet no one is going home for the sides. This team also made a fresh watermelon drink, and Gail wishes that it had liquor. Bring a flask, girl!

Before the judges get to the Red Team, Sarah walks back in. She explains that her blood pressure and heart rate came down and she thinks she'll be okay. She throws on an apron and asks how she can help and Ed pretty much ignores her. Ty at least asks if she's okay. Ed snaps at her that they've got it. Okay, you do have to let her help. And I get that you were in a groove but let her put pickles on the plates or something, dick. Sarah starts trying to help. Ed yells at her to put her five best pieces of chicken in the corner and he'll serve them. She gives him a look like, "Are you really going to talk to me like that?" He repeats himself and she says that she understands. Wow, is he coming off like an asshole. Like it's Sarah's fault that she practically got heat stroke. Have you had heat stroke? It's not exactly something that you can power through, like a cut on your finger. Sarah interviews that she knows Ed is frustrated but she didn't get sick on purpose. Ty is very sweet to her, because he's a human being.

The judges show up and are served the Red Team's food: Texas chicken, Kansas City style pork ribs and smoked brisket, with poppy seed cole slaw and pinto beans. After the judges leave, Sarah says she's going to go rest. Okay, that does seem a little weird. She looks fine. But whatever. Who cares? It's not like they're being judged on service. The judges like the chicken. They think the rib flavor is good, but the texture is chewy. Padma likes the flavor of the brisket the best, but Nathan wonders why they didn't carve to order. All the diners love the white bread that they served with their food.

Aaaand, service is over! Gail points out that the cheftestants haven't slept in forty hours. Tom thinks they've learned that there's more to barbeque than slapping meat on a grill. Ed and Ty have a smoke out back and talk about how they will die if they have to go back and cook again in some sort of cook-off. Ed is worried, because Ty has immunity and Sarah came back just in time to serve her best to the judges, so if their team is on the bottom, he's in trouble.

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