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As Zoi leaves to a round of applause (headed back to her San Francisco support network), tensions suddenly erupt -- Spike lashes out at Antonia for spearheading the Carpaccio fiasco, flatly refusing to remember her offer to make soup if that's what everyone wanted. "Stand behind your dish," Antonia keeps repeating, as Spike tries to revise history and turn himself into a martyr. Jen jumps in, dissing Spike for putting his teammate "in the ground," and they get into it, with Spike being a classy gent and telling Jen (now dealing with the sudden absence of her girlfriend) to "cry over it all night long." Then Dale has to say something, and Lisa tells him he's just making things worse, which drives Dale to unleash all the frustration about Lisa's negative attitude that he's been bottling up -- screaming at her because "you get to bitch and whine about everything" plus she feels like she can call Dale out the second he says something, all the while cupping his crotch in a strangely infantile and discomforting manner. After clapping her hands a few times, Jen kicks over one of the folding chairs in anger, and it hits the wall, capping one whole entire minute of shouting with a loud, metallic period. Anticlimax much?

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