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Dale, nailing the soy sauce and the sake, "got all of the Asian ingredients right," which pleases him, but, after explaining that he has loves and has "boughten a lot of caviar," picks the eggs that sell for $2.99 an ounce as opposed to the ones that go for $17.00 an ounce. That "killed" him. But how about boughten? That mouth may be a somewhat adept taster, Dale, but it doesn't speak very well at all.

Nikki, Andrew, Antonia and Spike follow in rapid succession, and then Jen bites into pork two ways -- $24.00 per pound (damn, that is really expensive) and $6.00 per pound, which looks rather pale and slick, and chooses correctly. Mark gets something wrong, Richard gets something right, which looks to be olive oil ($3.99 for 750 milliliters versus $25.00) -- after he extols his "great" hands, his "good" skills, and his "sound" techniques, he says that if one is "in the bottom three in this challenge I think it's a big embarrassment." As much as I would love to see Richard lose this one, I don't think it's going to happen.

Antonia believes that her "palate is very, very good," and takes the time (well, as much time can be taken in twenty seconds) and the fingers to do the job right, using different fingers and taking meticulous sips of water between each bite to make sure that "I'm not cross-contaminating flavors." The sake ($72.00 versus $5.99 per bottle) apparently doesn't throw Zoi or Nikki, but manages to stump Andrew, who, when asked by Padma if the challenge was harder than he expected, sums it up quite nicely with an emphatic "Hell yeah."

Turns out there were fifteen ingredients in all, and Stephanie, who raises her hand even before her name is called, knows she's performed the worst, with a measly six correct answers. That's interesting, since, sodden crab salad aside, she's been close to the top each time. No clarification on whether she thinks she's got a bum palate or if the number of "incorrects" lobbed at her during the challenge simply led her to assume she'd bottomed out -- she does admit that "I suck at Quickfires," though, so maybe she just assumes she'll lose each week.

Ryan and Jen tie for second place with eleven right apiece -- Zoi confesses to feeling "a little irritated that Jen beat me," since she wants bragging rights, but since it was only by one point, it's negligible. So that's what Jen gets for repeatedly jumping to Zoi's defense -- real classy, babe. I'm sure she was answering a specific question, but there are ways, you know.

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