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Padma asks who's on the bottom. Wylie says that Fabio is. Whaaaaaaat? I guess Wylie thought Fabio made too many non-egg dishes, and instead made a lot of dishes that just looked like eggs. Yeah, God forbid he show some freaking creativity. Hosea, creator of arguably the second most creative dish, is also on the bottom, because Wylie didn't think the dishes went together well. Oh, whatever. He's bugging me. Say that they tasted bad, or weren't prepared well, but I thought both chef's concepts were strong. Wylie liked one part of Leah's dish, but he thought her potato ravioli was too heavy and greasy. See? There's a reason to dislike a dish.

So that means Stefan and Carla are the top two. Wylie liked the humor in Carla's dish, but when they show it, it looks fake, like maybe it's made of plastic. And how did it taste? He never really mentions it. Wylie thought Stefan's technique was top notch, even though half of his dish was the same as Fabio's, which he hated. I wish we were allowed to ask follow up questions, because I'm not understanding his line of thinking at all. Anyway, Wylie chooses Carla as the winner. While I'm a fan of Carla and I'm intrigued by her comeback storyline, I don't think she had the best dish. Of course, I didn't taste them, but the judges didn't talk much about the flavors so I don't feel like that was a big part of their decision. They keep telling the cheftestants to take risks and then the ones that do are told their dishes are too complicated. Carla interviews that she won with a simple dish and no molecular gastronomy. Wylie says that Carla won by focusing on one dish instead of trying to make multiple components. But didn't she make green eggs AND ham? So it wasn't really just one thing. I don't want to begrudge Carla her win, which may have been well-deserved, but I feel like the reasoning presented by editing didn't really gel.

Elimination Challenge. The cheftestants are told to draw knives, and they find that there is the name of a famous person from the culinary world on each. The names are either famous chefs or food critics. Fabio gets Lidia Bastianich, famous for Italian cooking and her shows on PBS. Also, her resemblance to my mother-in-law. I mean, they look nothing alike but they sound and cook exactly alike. Fabio is psyched with his choice. Hosea gets Susan Ungaro, the only one of the batch that I was like, "Who?" Thankfully, Hosea explains that she's the President of the James Beard Foundation. Stefan gets Marcus Samuelsson, executive chef and co-owner of Aquavit, who was raised in Sweden. It's like they're matching the cheftestants up, but it's a random draw, so I guess not. Leah gets Wylie Dufresne, who's standing right there. Carla gets Jacques Pepin, legendary French chef. This is almost too much of a coincidence, no? Padma explains that since this is the last challenge, they asked each of the famous chefs what they would want for their last supper, and the cheftestants will be preparing it for them. Wow, no pressure. Hosea says as much in an interview

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