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The next judge to look at a group of cheftestants is the newest one, Wolfgang Puck. The first cheftestant, Carla, explains that she was married to the owner of Rao's in New York, and was the chef there. Um, yikes? I'm not saying she's mobbed up, but... well, if you know anything about Rao's, you can draw your own conclusions. Wolfgang explains that he can send all of them or one of them or somewhere in between to Seattle.

Time to issue the challenge. Wolfgang says that when he was a young chef, he went to a restaurant to get a job, and the owner told him to make an omelet. He made the best omelet he knew how to make, and the owner told him to get out. So that guy was a dick. He's dead now. But Wolfgang wants these cheftestants to make him an omelet. A cheftestant named Crissy says that she makes omelets all the time, but this is different. Thanks for stating the obvious, Crissy. Wolfgang emphasizes that the omelet needs to taste good and look good, and they have forty-five minutes.

Tyler works for Elway's Restaurant Group, which I assume means John Elway. He kind of looks like a fat John Elway. Shorter head, but wider. Anyway, he is freaking out over the fact that his whole career hinges on an omelet. Meanwhile, Daniel owns a restaurant called Seasonal Pantry, which has been open for eleven months. And he's number one on Yelp! Hey, in my area, I think Olive Garden is number one on Yelp, so I'm not sure that's anything to brag about.

Kunika is from Japan, and she is using flowers in her omelet. Anyway, she was a banker in Tokyo, and she hated her job, so she moved to America to be a chef. Her family isn't supportive, but she thinks winning this competition would earn their respect. Do they get this show in Japan? Daniel notes that Kunika has kale chips and adds, "Knew I should have set up next to Origami." Did he just call her Origami? Because she's Japanese? What an asshole.

Eliza has big, big eyes that are kind of buggy. I don't mind, but it makes her look a little crazy. Anyway, Wolfgang sees that she's cooking mushrooms and recommends that she add steak to her omelet. Eliza's no dummy, so she immediately starts slicing the steak. Wolfgang interviews that he's an easy judge as long as you cook it exactly the way he wants. Ha ha. He's also walking around and eating food from the cheftestants mise en place, but it's not like they're going to tell him to stop.

Carla is flipping out when her pan of squash goes up in flames, and she looks flustered. Eliza says that she likes seeing Carla flustered, because it makes her feel calm in comparison. Carla interviews that some people don't like her and think she's too loud and probably call her a bitch behind her back. She reflects and says that she would call herself a bitch too, sometimes. At least she has a sense of humor, I hope. Wolfgang comments that she's loud, and Carla says that she can't get the stove to light. Wolfgang says, "The stove is like a woman, it never does what it's supposed to do." I know I'm probably supposed to find that old school and charming, but I find it gross. Shut up, Wolfgang.

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