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Eliza makes a test omelet, which is smart, except that she only made one batch of mise en place. So now she has to scrape the innards out of her test omelet to use in her real omelet. Wolfgang interviews that a big part of being on the show is making mistakes but knowing how to fix them on the fly instead of panicking. Daniel decides to cook his omelet in bacon fat, and as he's plating, he realizes that his omelet has a greasy residue. His omelet looks terrible. It's too brown and greasy. Anyway, he plans to accept, adapt and move forward. I don't know how he's going to fix it, though. Blotting?

Two minutes left. Carla's omelet is stuck in the pan, and it also looks like shit. She tries to cover it up with topping. Tyler's omelet is too brown. He covers it with a salad. Is there anyone in this group who managed to cook an omelet without fucking it up? These are some huge omelets, also.

Tyler's up first. His omelet includes bacon, shallot, asparagus, and roasted red peppers. I'd eat that. He added a crispy fingerling potato and fennel salad on top. Ugh, I hate fennel. Licorice-tasting bullshit. Wolfgang says it wasn't a perfect omelet, but the crispiness of the salad redeemed it somewhat. Kuniko made a chamomile milk, morel mushroom, and ham omelet. Wolfgang says that the flavors are interesting and delicate, and the technique is almost there.

Daniel made a Wild Forest mushroom omelet with oyster, bacon, and pea salad. His omelet looks brown and lumpy. If Wolfgang values presentation, and he does, this guy's going home. Wolfgang notes that it's a little bit overdone, and if he ate it in the dark, he might like it. Ouch. Chrissy says that she did a take on a Filipino torta, with lobster, bacon, caramelized onion, and fennel. Ugh, fucking fennel again. Is fennel the new bacon? Wolfgang says that it could have used salt, but he likes that she brought her heritage into it, and it looks good.

Eliza made a NY Strip and morel mushroom omelet with fennel tomato reduction. What's with the fennel? Now I'm just starting to get pissed off. Wolfgang says it was complicated but also tasty. And finally, Carla made arugula salad with potatoes and onions, and her omelet includes zucchini, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. She apologizes for the appearance, and Wolfgang says it looks like a woman with too much makeup on. Oh, Wolfgang, you old misogynist, you. Anyway, he adds that the flavor of the vegetables might have saved Carla. Also her mob connections. I'm just saying.

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