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Wolfgang says that he appreciates everyone's creativity and hard work, and he's decided that five of them will go through. He's the only one who didn't send someone through early. Anyway, only one person will be going home, which is ROUGH. Wolfgang tells Daniel that his presentation wasn't up to par, and he's going home. Also, stop being racist. Anyway, everyone else is going to Seattle.

Weird interstitial. As his group cleans their stations, Wolfgang comes over and demonstrates how to cook a perfect omelet. I would have liked more of that footage, please. My omelets are not good.

The next group of cheftestants will be cooking for Hugh Acheson in Atlanta. And the first one we meet is Sheldon from Hawaii, who is young but already has a number of accolades. Hugh explains that his challenge is for each of them to create a beautiful salad, and while he has enough coats for each of them, they will have to earn it to go to Seattle.

Bart is from Belgium but he's been in the States for sixteen years. He's also a knight in Belgium, twice over, but he doesn't want you to call him Sir, and he's not going to wear a suit of armor. Well, that's a relief. Gina has some baaaaad bangs. I mean, they're way too long, and I don't know how she can cook with all that hair in her eyes, and they also tend to separate, so she doesn't even have that hipster Zooey Deschanel thing happening. She interviews that she's "verocious" which isn't a word, and really competitive. And she has pink trim on her chef's coat, so between that and the bangs, I kind of hate her already.

Danyele has curly red hair and also bad bangs, although they look better in the kitchen than in her interviews. She's intimidated by Hugh, and she tells him that she just tries to cook food that's in season. I think she's grilling watermelon, which is interesting. Gina interviews that Danyele is flaring her tomatoes, which is dangerous and ruins the product, and is amateurish. Hey, how about you concentrate on your own food and let Danyele concentrate on her, bangs-y? And cut your bangs.

Sheldon tells Hugh that he likes the fusion of cultures in Hawaii, and his salad will incorporate both Japanese and Thai influences. Sheldon interviews that he's lived in Hawaii his whole life, except for a short stint at Disney World, and he wants to show Hawaii off to the world. Brooke tells Hugh that she has a four-year-old son, so she doesn't get to do adventurous and exciting things all that often. Girl, I hear you. I have almost-three-year-old twins and an exciting day for me is when four cop cars show up at my neighbors' house (which happened this morning, and I still don't know why).

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