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Uncooked Egg and Spicy Shrimp

Melissa is up first. She explains that her favorite thing is an egg in a nest, so she made a tiny stack of French toast, over-easy eggs, strawberries, and bacon. Stefan claims he's from LA, but that accent kind of gives him away as totally not being from anywhere in America. Anyway, his Southern California influences are showing in his huevos rancheros. He combined eggs, salsa, and cheese and baked it right in the eggshell. Radhika likes a hearty breakfast, so she made potato cakes with a mini-omelet on top.

Daniel did a cornflake-crusted zucchini flower stuffed with shitake mushroom, egg, and potato hash. As Tim Gunn would say, "That's a lot of look." That seems like a lot of ingredients for a tiny bite-sized dish. Rocco thinks that the flavors aren't well balanced. Ariane made a stuffed fresh toast with chili-maple syrup. Jamie also likes savory breakfasts (when she likes breakfast at all, which is never, but it's not like she's going to tell the judges that) so she made a bacon, lettuce, and tomato breakfast sandwich with balsamic vinegar. Rocco likes the layered flavors. Leah interviews that she was annoyed that some people (by which she means Jamie) made dishes that were more than one bite (Jamie!), and she hopes her attention to the instructions will boost her. Leah's dish is a smaller breakfast sandwich; she grilled her bread in bacon fat and topped it with bacon, spicy tomato salsa, and a quail egg. Padma comments that it's the perfect size and Leah kind of twists the knife about how she tried to follow instructions. Jamie!

Fabio made brioche with a brulee banana and espresso cream. He explains his philosophy that he didn't want his meal to be too heavy, but Padma complains that the espresso cream was a little too rich. Jeff made a tiny twice-baked potato with butter and bacon along with a yogurt sorbet and fruit skewers. That's way more than one bite! The potato also requires a knife and a fork, and Jeff interviews that he realized it was too much.

Rocco and Padma announce who fell short in the challenge first. Rocco says that Daniel's corn flakes were a little overpowering and that's all he tasted. He adds that Fabio's breakfast was too much like dessert. Fabio interviews that he should have done "a piece of toast, some bacon, and some bullshit eggs on it and [he'd] probably [be] one of the top three." Ooh, bitter, party of one. Rocco says that his favorite dishes were Stefan's, mostly because of the container. He thought Leah combined great flavors in the perfect bite. Jamie's was assembled and executed well. So Rocco has to pick one, but he says first that if he could pick two, it would be Jamie and Leah. But his pick is Leah, and she wins a copy of Rocco's new book! Thanks? You know that Leah is especially psyched because she won because she created a great dish, but also because she followed the rules. Padma notes that this is Leah's second win in a row, and Leah interviews that it's nice, but she really just wants to cook good food and not embarrass herself. Jamie interviews that it's frustrating being so close to winning and then...not winning. Oh, Leah also gets immunity, which they kind of failed to mention in all the non-excitement over Rocco's book.

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