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Uncooked Egg and Spicy Shrimp

Rapid fire presentations are up next. Stefan made minestrone soup and finishes on time. Hosea makes a crispy ahi tuna roll with wasabi crust. Eugene makes tuna sashimi and pea shoot salad. Melissa makes blackened habanero shrimp, and when the judges taste it, they think it's too spicy, and Colicchio the Diva has to spit it out. Carla runs out of time, as does Radhika, as does Leah. Leah confesses that she doesn't ever want to do live television and Tom chuckles that she may have to, if she wants to be a well-known chef.

Now that everyone has presented, the judges discuss the dishes and the presentations. Padma brings up Jamie's uncooked egg, which grossed them all out. Tom says that Leah was unable to even talk, due to lack of confidence, and they agree that it's good that she has immunity. Tom can't believe that Alex tried to make crème brulee. Rocco didn't like Carla's nervous energy, and felt uncomfortable. Gail liked Daniel's personality and energy, but Tom was pissed that he smoked out the studio and mugged for the camera. They all liked Stefan's food and presentation, but he showed no personality. Melissa's food was too spicy, and Rocco thinks the show's host wouldn't invite her back after burning his or her mouth on that shrimp. Colicchio was impressed that Jeff managed to pull all his ingredients together, and Rocco liked his confidence. Rocco and Gail loved Fabio's personality. Padma and Tom both thought Ariane's presentation was perfect. The judges agree on a solution, and Padma heads to the Stew Room to tell them. The bottom three is Melissa, Alex, and Jamie, and the top three is Jeff, Fabio, and Ariane. Padma pretends like they're not doing Judges' Table because it's so late, and meanwhile after the Foo Fighters concert, they did Judges' Table in the middle of the night. So you know something's up.

Back at the apartment, Jamie interviews that she was so upset about being in the bottom three that she just got in bed and cried herself to sleep. Meanwhile, Alex is loudly holding court in the living room about how he's glad that he didn't pussy out and create a salad. Ariane, who did make a salad, is sitting right there. She interviews that some of the chefs think that she took the easy way out, but she thinks that she was smart about what dish to make given the constraints of the competition. Leah thinks that Alex kind of wants to go home, because he's getting married in twenty days. Alex agrees that his marriage is more important to his life than this competition. Leah later advises Melissa to defend herself and fight for her spot in the competition, since she really wants it and Alex doesn't. Melissa interviews that her reputation is on the line, so she does need to fight.

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