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Talking Turkey

Josh and his stupid moustache and his stupid hat are making sweet potato ravioli. Lizzie is making mashed potatoes, which she knows is not super creative, but she plans to make them perfectly, based on her training in a French restaurant. Kirsten asks Kuniko how her dish is coming, and Kuniko says she hasn't touched it, but she thinks she has time. Uh oh. I'm worried.

Tyler talks about how his Thanksgiving tradition was getting really drunk, and then he interviews that he's struggled with alcohol for twenty-five years and he's been sober for seven months. And then that's all we hear about that so presumably it's going to come up later? Meanwhile, Josie and Sheldon are checking their turkeys (not a euphemism) and realize that the oven is too hot and the turkeys are burning on the outside, so she turns down the oven temperature. Do these people not have meat thermometers? How do you even know if something that big is done without a meat thermometer, especially with finicky ovens? My meat thermometer has saved my family from many bouts of food poisoning, I am sure.

Tom and Emeril walk in to finally check in on things? I thought they were leading the teams? Tom likes the looks of his team's turkey, but Emeril notes that Josie's turkey is looking burned. Emeril and Tom walk around and sample all of the dishes and then leave. Is that how you lead a team of chefs? I could do that.

Carla finds CJ and Stefan tasting her soup and she flips out and tells them that it isn't seasoned yet and is just yelling random syllables as they explain that they were just trying it and don't worry about it. They didn't offer any critique at all. She is crazy. CJ is just looking at her like, "WTF lady?" and Stefan says, "Carla, honey, relax." Then Carla starts flipping out that all the guys are calling her sweetie and honey. Look, I get that Carla has probably had to deal with a lot of macho Italian guys who were condescending to her and assumed she didn't need to cook, and Stefan is also very condescending, but she seriously needs to take it down a notch or SEVEN because she's going to blow a gasket.

Fifteen minutes until service and the people from Fare Start arrive along with the judges and their guests. They're all wishing each other Happy Thanksgiving even though it's probably like July when this is being filmed. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, plating is happening for Emeril's team. And then it's time to serve.

Emeril's team serves first, and Josie comes out to explain that they have prepared a Cajun Thanksgiving, starting with Josie's triple spice turkey with cayenne and hot sauce. The judges and guests dig in and Tom is the first to notice that the turkey is undercooked, as he shows Emeril his plate. Dana Cowin notes brightly, "It's a little pink!" And then they show a shot of the carved turkey and holy hell is that thing undercooked. I mean, the first inch or so from the skin is white but then the rest of it is as pink as a ham. That's disgusting and kind of inexcusable in my mind. Emeril tries to save it by saying that at least it's well seasoned but Dana Cowin says it's mostly inedible. Josie interviews that she wasn't sure if the turkey would be overcooked and dry. I really need like a graduate-level seminar on how she thought that turkey could possibly be overcooked. She didn't make any other dishes? What was she doing?

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