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Carla made carrot soup with turkey meatballs. Emeril says its "fantastic," and Dana praises the perfect meatballs and creamy soup. I can't see carrot soup tasting that great, but I'll take their word for it.

Bart made fennel, gorgonzola, orange and pumpkin seed salad. There's that fennel again! Dana thinks it's a great idea to have a slightly bitter green salad as a palate cleanser, and thinks it's well dressed, but Padma thinks it needs refinement. I'm not sure what that's code for in this instance. Maybe it needed less stuff in it?

Josh made sweet potato ravioli with pecans and Emeril calls it the weakest thing on the plate, mostly because the dough was tough. Tom is some sort of ravioli expert and explains how you have to thin out the dough on the edges, where it's doubled, so that it's equal thickness to the part that goes over the filling. That actually makes a lot of sense, but if I'd never made ravioli before (and I haven't), I probably wouldn't think of that. I don't know how much experience Josh has with it.

Micah made roasted Brussels sprouts with cranberries, bacon, and shallots. Thierry goes back for seconds, but Dana thinks they are greasy and Tom points out that they're not well seasoned, compared to everything else on the plate. Conversely, Lizzie's potato puree gets high marks from both Emeril and Dana, who admit that they were surprised to see them on the plate, since they're such a basic dish, but Lizzie hit a homerun with them.

On to desserts. Stefan made panna cotta with orange cardamom crisp and candied pecans. Thierry doesn't love the jam because he thinks it's too sweet. Padma adds that there's too much cardamom, but Tom says it's his favorite part of the dessert. Eliza made a chocolate tart with white chocolate and mint syrup. Emeril thought the first bite was delicious, but the chocolate was overwhelming on subsequent bites, and Thierry agrees that it's too much chocolate.

Tom and Emeril decide to duck out of the discussion of which team should win, since they are obviously biased. The rest of the judges vote, and it's unanimous that Tom's team did a better job.

Tom and Emeril tag back in for discussion of who's going home from Emeril's team. Dana brings up Tyler's gumbo, which was all wrong in terms of texture and spiciness, and Thierry adds that screwing up the gumbo in a Southern meal is a huge violation. Emeril reminds them of Sheldon's greens, which had all the necessary ingredients, but weren't cooked down enough, and Tom agrees that they really only needed another five minutes on the stove. And finally, Emeril brings up Kuniko, and he can't believe that she didn't taste a bit of her potatoes while cutting them. Tom points out that she didn't even have to taste them; just cutting them should have revealed that they were nearly raw. Tom brings up Josie's name; she has immunity and can't be sent home, but he feels that she needs to hear that she blew it for her team.

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