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The judges all depart (with Padma giving the least convincing and most snarky "Happy Thanksgiving" ever, since we all know this was filmed in the summer), and Padma heads to the Stew Room to tell Tom's team that they won. She asks to see CJ, Carla, and Lizzie. Those three head to Judges' Table where Padma tells them that their team gave the diners a "near-flawless meal." Padma starts out by complimenting Carla's carrot soup and Tom jokes that he had no idea what she was doing because she said she was making a cabbage soup and he kept looking for the cabbage. Lizzie clarifies that Carla was saying carrot the whole time and Tom just didn't understand. Heh. Emeril compliments Lizzie's simple yet delicious potatoes, and Dana says she hit the mark of Joel Robuchon's "half butter half potato" recipe. That sounds fucking awesome. Tom knows CJ took on a leadership role as well as cooking a perfect turkey. So the winner is...Carla! CJ looks super bummed; I think he thought that making a great turkey PLUS overseeing everything would push him over the top. That's just speculation, though. Carla can't believe she won; she's thrilled.

CJ goes into the Stew Room and sends back Tyler, Kuniko, Sheldon, and Josie. Once they leave, John continues what seems like has probably been an ongoing lecture about Emeril's Portuguese beginnings. Danyele acts interested, but CJ and Josh are both pretending to fall asleep and muttering under their breath; you get the vibe that John never shuts up about how much he knows about cooking.

Meanwhile, the bottom four are facing the judges. Padma tells them, like they didn't already know, that they are the bottom four. Tom tells Josie that she can't go home, but she's there because she caused her team to lose with her undercooked turkey. Josie is surprised to hear that it was undercooked; she will be horrified when she sees the footage of her pink turkey. Emeril asks Tyler what the fudge happened to his gumbo, and Tyler doesn't know, although he finally says he should have added more Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce at the end, which is exactly what Emeril said while tasting it. Dana has to tell Kuniko that her potatoes were undercooked. She claims that she was pushed on time, and Tom says that she had five hours to make it. Josie tries to defend her by saying that Kuniko was helping out a lot of people, and Padma says that's fine, but they have to judge Kuniko based on the potatoes they were served, which were plain and undercooked. Ouch. Dana tells Sheldon that his greens were undercooked, but Sheldon says he was worried about his greens getting mushy. They've introduced a new time-wasting tactic during Judges' Table where they insert interviews of each chef talking about how they don't want to go home, etc. It's boring. Stop that.

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