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Finally, after many shots of everyone staring at everyone, Tom says that they mostly made a great Thanksgiving meal. Tyler's gumbo was weak and underseasoned. Josie is lucky to have immunity because her undercooked turkey lost the competition for her team. Kuniko's potatoes were raw and underseasoned. Sheldon's greens were seasoned well but undercooked. It's pretty obvious who's going home when you look at it. Josie can't. Tyler's was underseasoned, and Sheldon's was undercooked. Kuniko's was underseasoned AND undercooked, so she's going home. Padma makes it official. In Kuniko's exit interview, she says that it meant a lot for her to come there and try, and she has no regrets, because she wouldn't want to ignore her teammates and stay. She's glad she helped everyone. I think she's a good chef who's not right for this competition. She couldn't get the timing thing down, which may not be as necessary when cooking in a restaurant, but you can't win this competition if you don't put food on the plate.

After Kuniko leaves, those left in the Stew Room do that thing where they sit around and talk about how much they admired the person sent home; it's their version of a wake. Josh says something nice about how this shows that anyone can go home at any time. John pipes up that if you can't cook potatoes, you don't belong there and CJ raises his eyebrows. That was pretty ill-timed. Brooke defends Kuniko and John shoots back that if you can't taste your food once in five hours, your mind is someplace else. CJ points out that his comments are ill-timed and that everything turns out to be a lecture with John. John says he's not lecturing and CJ is full of shit. CJ! The nicest person in the world! This is going to get ugly, but not until next week at least.

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