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Cooking the Carols

Back in the Stew Room, Eugene insists that he's the one going home, and he doesn't care because he was proud of his dish. No one argue with him. The judges come to a decision. Colicchio heads into the Stew Room and sits down. He tells the cheftestants that their food wasn't inspiring and they need to step it up. Leah says that it may not have been amazing food, but it wasn't terrible. Colicchio tells them that the judges are looking for amazing food, not "a little throwaway canapé." Leah asks if he's talking about her dish, and Tom says hers does fall in that category. He encourages them to cook the food that got them on the show in the first place instead of just cooking safe dishes to stay out of the bottom three. I have to say, I understand where he's coming from, but when they make them do these ridiculous challenges with huge constraints, they shouldn't be shocked at the results. After everyone looks at one another for a few minutes, Colicchio says that because they all worked together after the kitchen disaster, and because it's Christmas (even though this was filmed in, like, August), no one is going home tonight. No one looks that happy. I think they all wanted to get rid of Eugene. Radhika interviews that she's thrilled they all got another chance. Eugene says he knows he needs to step it up, and so does Melissa. So now we have two weeks off for the holidays, and I'll see you guys in January!

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