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A Minor Exclusion

Tiffani talks about her blueberry and blue crab salad (ew, crab and blueberries?), a Kurobuta pork Milanese without the traditional breading, and a Kobe rib eye with "most of the fat" removed. Pork and beef? Not a good choice, especially when that pork of hers looks like it has a good half-inch of tasty fat around the edges. "There was fat on my dishes -- I don't think you should exclude fat, you should just really look for good fats," Tiffani tells us. Okay, just like Andrea or Stephen trying to feed people what she thinks they should eat, Tiffani isn't making what the customers specifically requested. Tiffani, are you up there contorting yourself on a high-wire every night? No, so don't decide which fats should and shouldn't be excluded. Now, I believe that fat is fine, in moderation, and I also believe in good fats versus bad fats, but I'm also not a professional acrobathlete. Also, "good fats" are defined as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which you can find in fish, olive oil, and nuts. "Bad fats" are saturated fats -- found in meat, dairy, and pork -- and trans fats, which are found in packaged food and "butter" spreads, but not found in New York. Time ticks away. Dave suddenly realizes, "Oh, three dishes?" Oh, Dave. Dave plates his cart and paces and pants and mutters that his brain shut down and he made two dishes instead of three. Why am I not surprised this sort of thing would happen to Dave? Dave goes on that all the different numbers that day (2-4-3) threw him off and he fucked up. "Okay, well, I'm out," Dave mutters in passing to an uninterested Tiffani, who examines her fingernails.

At the Cirque du Soleil theater, Colicchio looks uncomfortable as the performers cavort and squeal around him. He invites them to come and eat, saying they must be hungry after their workout. On Harold's cart is Seared Kobe Beef on a Toasted Bread, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad; Roasted Chicken Breast with Potato Gnocchi, Wild Mushrooms, and Baby Peas; and Lobster Fettulini with Orange Tomatoes and Lobster Broth. The performers eat, and Colicchio explains the cheftestants were told to do high-protein, high-carb, low-fat entrees. They seem to be happy with Harold's stuff.

Going over to Dave's cart, Colicchio tells them about the Penne with Spicy Kicked-Up Marinara Sauce and the Kobe Tenderloin with Balsamic, Fig, and Grand Marnier Sauce. Sounds like Dave replaced fats with alcohol. The performers realize there is a dish missing, but they really liked what Dave had. Finally, onto Tiffani's Blue Crab and Caviar Salad with Olive Oil, Blood Oranges, and Blueberries; the Korubuta (Bravo spells it totally wrong as "Karabuto") Pork Milanese with Morel Mushrooms; and Kobe Rib-Eye with Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinegar. The performers think that something is overly salty, the pork is rubbery, the meat too bloody, and the crab salad way too fishy. So fishy, that one guy takes a little bite and totally jumps away from it.

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