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Colicchio painstakingly goes over Dave's TWO RATHER THAN THREE dishes. Dave cracks everyone up by profanely talking about turbo-carbs and what he needs to work out (although, as he freely admits, you might not see it under his coat), and the pasta, and then he slams greens and blueberries in the meantime. Tiffani takes comic exception to the blueberry comment. Colicchio tells Dave that, hands down, his beef dish was enjoyed more than any other dish, but the fact of the matter is that he didn't do three dishes. Dave says he just had a brain fart -- he understood the challenge, he didn't forget, he just blocked out the third dish. Colicchio says, "Dave, I truly believe if you had just done a dish, anything, I think that would have been yours, but it was an incomplete, so you definitely lost that one." And so Dave goes, and so he goes. And we're the only one who knows. Dave bows his head and says, "Damn." Tiffani's tiny little lips are so tightly pleased, you can't even find them in the mass of her chin. Whatever, bitch, your crab was fishy. Colicchio goes on that Harold won Cirque du Something because he had beef, fish, and poultry. Just so we're clear: Harold won two, Dave won one, and Tiffani won NOTHING. Bot tells Harold he's safe. It's between Dave and Tiffani when we go to commercials.

Back in Vegas, Colicchio reminds Tiffani that she's won nothing: "You're kind of skating along here." Tiffani and Dave shout each other down about who wants to be there more. Colicchio tells Tiffani she always seems to be "in the middle" and that's not what Top Chef is all about, she needs to nail it. With Dave, Colicchio repeats that Dave nailed the poker room but basically left off one person's dish and that's huge. Tension mounts. Bot finally says, "Tiffani?" Tiffani stares at her. "You're safe," Bot announces. Tiffani closes her eyes gratefully. "Dave?" Bot says, "Please pack your knives --" "'Kay," Dave says. "And go," Bot finishes. "Okay," Dave says, nodding quickly. He thanks them all. Tiffani kisses his hand. Ew! Let him go, bizzotch! Dave keeps nodding, and whispers, "Okay!" as he jumps down from his stool. He gives Tiffani what appears to be a genuine hug. He then hugs Harold. Tiffani says, "It's hard to see Dave go, I didn't want to see him go, but I didn't want go." Basically Tiffani is still in this game by default. Overall, I think she's a really good cook, but looking at tonight's tasks only, she should have gone home. Harold says that Dave has passion and that everyone gets caught up in it: "It's a shame, he's a great cook." Dave tells us that, had he made a third dish, it would have made a difference, "but, no excuses." He also adds that he didn't want to lose to Tiffani, but Harold's been "true all the way through." Dave asks us not to forget about him because "food is my real passion and I want to share it on a broader scale."

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