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Vegas Finale, Part II

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Dinnerati. Colicchio thinks that, for him, every dish has worked really well with the wines. Michael Mina has really liked the progression. And now for Miguel's special fourth course duo of beef, with kobe beef and braised short ribs. Looks delicious. In the kitchen, Harold tells the camera, "I don't care what they say -- I feel good about that plate. If I got that plate in a restaurant, I'd be very happy." The Dinnerati eat and enjoy. Hubert thinks it's perfect with the wine and Lorraine rasps that it's her FAVORITE so far! Colicchio goes on about how much Harold obviously "respects the product." Man, Colicchio and beef, I swear, what's that about? Harold's kitchen snitch comes back to report, "It's a home run." "Yeah? Thank fucking god!"

Finally, we come to the dessert course. Lee Anne explains that Harold's idea was to pair the cheeses and fig tart with the Amarone. A small triangle of fig tart is presented in the biggest compartment of a beautifully designed fondue-esque compartmented plate. Three small pieces of cheese, all in their own individual compartments, fan out on top of the fig tart compartment. Hubert loves the presentation. Lorraine notes, working her mouth rather laboriously over the words, "The cheessse isss deliciousss." Okay, let's see what I can make of these cheeses. There's a flat triangle of blue, which, given the fact that Amarone comes from the Veneto, I think is Gorgonzola (from the next-door region of Lombardy). The blue is also more of that greenish-goldish mold, so I'm thinking Gorgonzola Dolce over Piccante. Especially for dessert with figs. Next, it looks like a washed rind cheese with a fairly pale paste, and if we're assuming Italian, I'm assuming Taleggio? Finally, I have no clue what that very white cheese is, but I'm going to hazard it's so chalky white because the milk is either sheep or goat. Pecorino Ginepro? Because the juniper and balsamic vinegar-rubbed rind would be great with wine? And that's just because I can't think of any good Italian goat cheeses right now. Everyone loves this dish, including Colicchio.

Harold comes out and gets the rundown. Hubert thought the quail was overcooked but loved the beef dish. Lorraine thought the best wine and food pairing was the Amarone with the cheeses. Dana thought the progression was good but didn't really like the bass because there was too much going on. Drew wants to know if Harold cooks to please his guests or himself. Harold says he tries to cover both bases. "Good answer!" Drew decides. Harold is excused.

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