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Tiffani and the first course of diver scallops come out. Tiffani takes a long time to explain both preparations, which are: a seared diver scallop wrapped in charred ramp and served in squid ink; and a sashimi-sliced scallop crudo (chilled or raw prep of usually fish, also an amazing San Francisco restaurant) with grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and sweet kumquat segments. Hubert thinks the citrus is too much with the scallop. Michael Mina thinks his seared scallop is cooked perfectly. Dana thought the squid ink emulsion was delicious. Colicchio opines, "There is where Tiffani might get into trouble with a lot of comparison between the two dishes." "I liked both, really," Lorraine announces.

Kitchen. "When she comes in, let's not be socializing," Dave cautions Stephen. Tiffani strides in and gives orders. She gets the artichoke course ready. Dave nicely assures her that he already seasoned the fried artichokes. She seasons them again. Stephen tells us, "Dave seasoned the artichokes. Tiffani felt the need to not even taste the dish and then re-salt it." Tiffani tells us that she trusts Dave with sauces except, she tempers, when you're hung over your palate's "not really there." Dave tells the camera that Tiffani's bossiness is already starting: "It's in her best interest to keep it low but if she pushes, I'm gonna push off." Tiffani moves Dave's glass of wine, saying, "I don't mind if you drink but if you can just keep it off the line." Dave makes a face at the cameras. You know, it's not that unreasonable a request. I mean, she's giving you leave to drink, just don't have it cluttering up the work area. Dave tells us, "Helping someone that I just have little or no respect for, drinking is the only way I can make it through."

Dining room. Tiffani comes out and once again takes some time to explain her dishes, one of which is an artichoke risotto with porketta. She tells everyone to drink the Multipulciano with the risotto. The other artichoke dish is braised and fried baby artichokes with a dipping sauce that has "tons of lemon, tons of parsley, and tons of garlic emulsion, so that should also pair nicely with the wine." Tiffani leaves. Dana wonders why one would choose to do artichokes with a wine pairing. Colicchio happily asks if anyone thinks the artichokes affected the wine. No one seems to think so, because there was so much butter in everything. The risotto seems to be the favored dish and it completely outshone the other dish. Gail again needs to point out that this is a problem with Tiffani's double tasting menu.

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