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Well, clearly everyone loves Stephanie, and there's a montage to prove it. She's a great chef and she's nice. She seems like a great to person to have a drink and a good meal with, but the sum of her clips doesn't exactly pop on television. That might change soon, though, since she answers "no" to Andy's next question: "You've won the title, you've won fan favorite. Can you ever doubt yourself again?" That sounds to me like a one-way ticket to Bitchville. Really, though, she's just more confident now and she's excited to get back to cooking. And finally, just to drag it out a little longer, Andy wants some advice from the cheftestants for those who might be aspiring to join the fifth season, which has already started filming, no doubt. Erik suggests they "run the other way," and I believe him. He also suggests practicing plating skills, while Jen recommends managing stress. Antonia thinks they should pay attention to the rules, and Stephanie thinks they shouldn't pay attention to the drama. Dale says, "Have a vision." Valerie advises, "Have fun!" Richard wants them to banish fear and just go for it. Colicchio agrees with Andy's prompt that this group represents the best chefs ever to grace a Top Chef kitchen. And on top of that, Colicchio really, really loves getting to know all of the cheftestants as individual people. Except for Mark, who he hates.

It's over! It's over! Thanks for enduring the season with me, and have a great summer.

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