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Gone Fishin'

Back in the Stew Room, Mike says that Marcel or Blais could go home, since their dish was their idea. The losers walk back in, and Blais says that it wasn't clear what the judges will do, and they clearly weren't unanimous.

So what do the judges think? Well, they all agree that the biggest problem with Tiffani's dish was leaving the bloodline in, and the fishy taste was too strong. Jamie's dish was bland, and Gail says that the broth was really the problem. Padma thinks the problem with Richard, Marcel, and Fabio is that one of them needed to step up and say that there was too much on the plate. Kerry points out that if Fabio spent all that time chopping, he probably didn't contribute much to the concept or cooking of the dish. Gail wonders if Blais and Marcel should be penalized for making a dish with too many components. Blais made the gastrique, which Gail hated. Marcel made the foam, which was a foam, and thus not really appropriate for the casual setting. Back in the Stew Room, Jamie tells Carla that the guys' team did a "composed restaurant dish," and Carla agrees that one person from that team needs to go home.

The cheftestants are called back in to hear the results. Tom says that Antonia put together a great dish, but her teammates let him down, and maybe she could have helped them more. Tiffani's dish was heavy and fishy, while Jamie's was bland and watery. For the other team, they had too many elements on the dish and wasn't as good as the food from the other teams. Fabio didn't seem to contribute to the final plate. Blais made the gastrique, and everyone hated it. Marcel made the unnecessary foam. So which two are going home? Take it away, Padma. And, it's Tiffani and Jamie. I knew it would be Jamie; I was really surprised about Tiffani. And I do wonder whether the fact that they couldn't pick apart the guys' contributions led to their staying. But I would guess that ultimately, their dish was better than Tiffani or Jamie's.

So let's compare Tiffani to Jamie, shall we? Tiffani was very hated during her season, and totally redeemed herself this season by being funny and self-deprecating and hard-working. Jamie was a mixed bag previously, and really damaged her reputation by being sullen and grouchy this season. No matter what you think of her cooking, her attitude can't be disputed. She's been saying in interviews that she was edited poorly, and that may be true of her cooking. But her attitude - they can't manufacture that. And they can't manufacture how the others reacted to her attitude. I think she was grouchy and bitchy and whiny and sullen. She even admitted in an interview I read today that the first time she had fun all season was when they went fishing. Anyway, she doesn't need this show. I'm sure she will do fine for herself. And Tiffani's going home to her girlfriend, which it was kind of weird that they made sure to include that at the very end of the episode, but let's hope that all works out. And next week, Restaurant Wars!

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