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Gone Fishin'

On the other boat, Dale has hooked a big one. No, bigger. No, seriously, it's huge. The others on the boat laugh at Dale reeling it in, because his face is all red and he's sweating and grunting, but when the fish lands on the deck, no one is laughing. This thing is seriously nearly as tall as Dale. I don't think Dale is particularly tall, but even if he's only five feet tall, I would put this fish at three-and-a-half feet. I mean, when he holds the tail near his feet, the head is nearly to his shoulders. That's one big fish. Dale jokes that it's bigger than Marcel, and has the same anatomy: "really big head and then a little body, like a little bobble head doll." The producers got boners when that catch happened, no doubt.

The fishing period has ended and the boats are headed back to the harbor. Blais, Fabio, and Marcel start menu planning, and they decide to do one dish with multiple components. Well, Blais and Marcel decide. Fabio just kind of sits there, mute. Well, Fabio does bring up the point that if they do just one dish and something goes wrong, they're sunk. Marcel thinks the key is to keep it simple, though. In an interview, Fabio points out a little more cut throat reason to agree to the one dish theory: if they end up on the bottom, the judges will have a difficult time figuring out who to send home. That sounds good in theory, but the judges are pretty good at teasing out individual contributions, and if I were on a team with Blais and Marcel, I might be a little worried about being the odd man out.

The teams arrive at the harbor and check out their catch, which is all lined up on the ground. Antonia admits that she never understood why people go fishing until today. Most of the people I know who go fishing just like to sit out in the quiet nature and sometimes avoid their family members. Dale is really proud of his catch, and brings up his dad again.

To round out their menus, the cheftestants go shopping at a local farmers' market. This isn't like a small roadside stand though; the selection is pretty extensive. Angelo consults with his team briefly and they all agree to just buy what looks good and then figure out the dishes later, which is a great way to shop when you have access to fresh food like that. Just buy what's fresh or what inspires you and figure out the rest later. I mean, each team has $150, which goes a really long way at a farmers' market. Angelo doesn't believe Mike when he claims that a pepper is spicy, so Angelo takes a bite. Then he winces and asks why Mike would give that to him. Heh. And then I think Angelo hits Mike in the nuts with an ear of corn or something, because Mike collapses to the ground. Those two are quite the comedy pairing.

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