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Gone Fishin'

Tom talks to the three ladies next. Antonia caught porgy, which it seems is not the most desirable fish, but Tom says that if you kill it, you've got to cook it. Tiffani is cooking with bluefish, like Carla. Tom points out some of the drawback to bluefish, but Tiffani LOOOOOOOVES bluefish, and won't hear of it. Tiffani is also now second guessing herself. Do you think Tom does that on purpose, or is it just a side effect of who he is? Maybe he just likes fucking with them.

The sun is going down, and it's almost time for service. Blais keeps telling Fabio what to do, including making the corn puree. Fabio assures him that he's going to get everything done, but Blais is anxious, so he keeps bringing it up. Fabio takes it in stride. Mike notices that Blais is ordering Fabio around and wonders if the bromance is over. Speaking of bromance, Mike asks Angelo a question and Angelo kind of snaps at him and says, "You remind me of someone I fired once." Ouch.

As the minutes wind down, Blais goes into panic mode, as always. Fabio tries to calm him down. Blais tastes Marcel's succotash, and decides it's a little overworked and heavy, but it's not like they can start from scratch now. Plus, I'm sure he figures that it's Marcel's component and Marcel's problem.

The diners come in, as Tiffany says, like "a herd of cattle." The interesting thing is that they recognize the cheftestants and express excitement to try their food. Fabio and Carla both have a lot of fans. The judges arrive and exclaim over how pretty the setting is. They also spend a lot of time showing the judges ordering cocktails at the bar. Was that really important to show? Were they thin on content this week or what? Because I could always watch more of the judges' deliberations.

First, the judges go to Blais, Fabio, and Marcel's stand. Padma introduces the guest judge, Kerry Heffernan, restaurant owner and Tom's fishing buddy. Marcel introduces the dish: sea bass, succotash, corn puree, tomato confit, Concord gastrique, and jamon air. Okay, so that's a piece of fish with corn and beans, tomato, grapes (?) and air of ham. I can't see why the judges might not think that's too busy! Why not make the succotash its own dish with a piece of fish? That's a busy plate, is all I'm saying. And why grapes? That would be like putting grape jelly on your fish. Yuck.

At the same time, the judges are going to sample the offerings of the team of Dale, Carla, and Tre. First, they have to talk about Dale's fish, because everyone has to talk about Dale's fish. Anyway, Dale makes a fish taco with bass, corn and avocado relish, crème fraiche, radishes, and cabbage. Carla makes a "tribute to a New York bagel," which is smoked blue fish lettuce wrap with pickled watermelon rind, radishes, and bagel croutons. Tre explains that this dish is his version of gazpacho, with striped sea bass with gazpacho salad, tomato and avocado.

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