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Gone Fishin'

The judges go and talk to some random diners. One lady loved Carla's refreshing food, while another guy says that everything was good. Well, that was helpful. Meanwhile, Mike is pretending that Angelo wants to chat up a nearby lady (or maybe Angelo really does, but doesn't he have a mail order bride on the way?), and Angelo hides under the table.

The judges reconvene to discuss their findings. They think all the cheftestants did well, and Tom talks about how awesome it is to catch and cook your own fish. Meanwhile, Jamie tells her teammates that a lot of people came back to their stand for seconds. Blais tells his teammates that Jamie's fish was a disaster because the skin fell off and it broke apart. Jamie interviews that she thinks only doing one dish is a cop out, since the judges can't tell who did what. And she would know what a cop out looks like, am I right?

Without naming names, Tom tells the other judges that it will be easy to find one person to send home, but it's going to be tough to figure out who the second eliminated cheftestant should be.

Weird interstitial. The cheftestants decide what fish their competition would be. Angelo says that Mike blows a lot of gas, so he would be a blowfish. Carla thinks Tre would be "one of those creatures who buries himself under the sand," because he's so quiet until he laughs. Dale decides that Angelo would be "a mermaid, a siren of the sea" and the editing geniuses cut to a shot of Angelo looking regally off into the distance while riding on the boat. Hilarious.

Stew Room. They all marvel that two of them are going home. Blais has a little notebook out and has apparently been taking notes on what he thought might be wrong with their dish. I would say he's a nerd, but a nerd would have those notes on a smart phone. Then again, they're probably not allowed to have smart phones. Blais says he's always pessimistic and Antonia says he's going to give himself an ulcer. Tiffani says she's also pessimistic.

Padma comes in and asks to see Dale, Carla, and Tre along with Tiffany, Mike, and Angelo. After they exit, Marcel tries to play like anyone could imagine that those two team are on the bottom, but everyone else kind of knows the score.

Judges' Table. I am eternally grateful that they finally added that apostrophe. It really bothered me. Padma doesn't make them wait long before saying that the teams before them had the best dishes of the night. And the winner of the challenge wins a trip to Amsterdam. Mike quickly runs down who did what on his team, and the judges have praise for all of the elements. They move on to talk about how Dale's fish taco was a perfect match for the setting and delicious. Carla explains how her dish was a tribute to New York, and Gail says that she went in a different direction than they expected, but it was perfect, and Tom calls her dish "brilliant." So Kerry announces that the winner is Carla! Yay! Carla! She is delighted to get to go to Amsterdam. She is grinning ear to ear.

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