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Who Deserves To Be Here?

Back in the kitchen, DonKen announces that the "Paddy from Ireland" is leaving. Some of them pretend to be sad; Tiffani just looks smug and interviews that she knew DonKen would be the one to leave. Dave says that he might be the most relieved that DonKen is leaving: "He kind of took some of my energy and passion [drink!] away because of the attitude." DonKen interviews that he thinks his tongue got him into trouble, "but that's me, I express myself. I'll always be me -- I wouldn't want to be any way else." He's got his health, so he's okay. No, really, that's what he says. Anyway, he's gone, and bravo to Bravo for not keeping him around for the Hateful Jim quotient.

We're sort of off to a slow start here, but the previews promise a delectably ugly season, and we all know they ain't just whistlin' Dixie! Watch this space.

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