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Time to eat! Stefan made yellowtail with grilled shitake and raw lobster with seaweed and unagi. Uechi wonders if he seared the lobster (Stefan didn't) and says it's very good. Josie made halibut with yuzu and bacon aoli. Uechi liked the idea of using bacon but thought it needed more punch. I don't even know what Lizzie's dish is: lobster, micro greens and pickled ginger with yuzu sake broth. It's basically a soup and salad with some raw lobster on the side. Uechi thinks it could be improved with some rice in the soup.

Brooke confesses that sushi is her favorite food in the world, and she made octopus with yuzu and grated wasabi. Uechi likes the clean tastes. Josh made another WTF dish: tempura bacon, omelette, salmon belly, and yuzu kosho aoli. He also has rice on the top and bottom, like it's a sandwich. Uechi doesn't say much but he also doesn't look too impressed. Sheldon made hamachi sashimi with fresh ponzo, mitsuba, and lemon charcoal. Uechi is interested by the lemon charcoal.

Padma asks Uechi how he thought the cheftestants did as a group and he says, "You guys worked very hard." Heh. I don't know if it's a translation issue, but he didn't really say that the food was good, did he? His least favorites were Lizzie, because her tempura was chewy and she poured hot soup over cold fish, and Josh, because his combination was good but his bacon was too greasy. His favorites were Brooke, who had clean flavors, and Stefan, who had good combinations of flavors. And the winner is...Stefan! Wow, I thought it would be Brooke. Stefan is happy to finally win a challenge, especially one that was judged by the master of sushi.

Once Uechi exits, Padma welcomes the judges for the Elimination Challenge: Tom Colicchio, and David Chang, chef/owner at Momofuku and Ma Peche. Tom explains that there are a few great chefs in town, and Tom has invited them over to his house for dinner. The cheftestants will be cooking the dinner, and it's going to be fried chicken. Josh is thrilled, because this is right up his alley. David Chang says that everyone loved fried chicken, and it's a simple dish but hard to do perfectly. Tom lists off the chefs that will be at dinner: the guys from Son of a Gun, Michelle Bernstein, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril, David Chang, and Tom. That lineup inspires shit-your-pants level terror. Tom reminds them to make it crispy and delicious. Padma says that the winner gets a year's supply of Terlato wine.

They have thirty minutes to prep, so everyone starts breaking down chickens. Stefan makes a gross joke about breasts and thighs and let's just pretend that never happened. We get it. He loves ladies. Done. Josh hopes to emulate his grandfather's recipe, and since they don't have much time to brine, he's injected his chicken with the brining solution. Josie is blending spices carefully, and she interviews that her great-grandmother was an expert at Southern fried chicken, and she's going to do it. Josh gives Josie shit over whether or not South Florida is actually in the South. Well, neither is Oklahoma, really.

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