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Jon makes fun of Josie for serving her Southern fried chicken on a banana leaf. I don't know what the coleslaw is that she served with it; it looks like a bunch of strings in a pile. Wolfgang points out how greasy the chicken is, and Emeril holds up the banana leaf to show off the pile of grease on there. Michelle Bernstein says she took one bite and she couldn't eat any more. Yikes.

Emeril and Tom both really liked Sheldon's dish, and Tom adds that he appreciated that Sheldon thought differently about how to approach fried chicken. Wolfgang notes that he didn't get any of the wings because Tom ate them all; Tom retorts that he split one with Michelle. Regardless, the judges noticed that Sheldon short-changed them on part of his dish. Wolfgang says that, on the other hand, his bone is picked clean because he couldn't stop eating it, and Michelle Bernstein agrees that it was "juicy, salty, crunchy, and not greasy."

The second set of cheftestants is getting ready to serve. Brooke notes that her chicken is done but she still has fifteen minutes until she has to serve and she doesn't want her food to get cold. Her solution is to put her chicken in the oven and then refry it just before service. Putting cooked chicken breasts in the oven seems like a great way to completely dry them out. You'd think just the refrying would be enough to heat them up; they're not thick cuts of meat. Josh interviews that he's the only one in his group who actually made fried chicken, so he feels good about his chances.

Stefan serves first: chicken cordon bleu with garlic aoli and lemon. Josh jokes that he made fried chicken and everyone laughs. His actual dish is smoked fried chicken with hot sauce and blue cheese. Brooke made dukkah-crusted chicken breast over wilted escarole and tomato salad. Padma reveals that Vinny and Jon interviewed to be Brooke's line cooks many years ago and she didn't hire them. She's as embarrassed as you'd expect, which is very.

They eat Brooke's chicken first (after many, many more wine refills, so everyone's getting a bit buzzed, or more than a bit in some cases). Wolfgang asks, "Where the fuck are the bones?" and then says that it's more "The Apprentice" than "Top Chef." You can tell everyone is buzzed because they fall out laughing at that lame joke. Tom says that the chicken is dried out and Vinny snarks that he's glad he didn't take the job with her. Ouch.

Moving on to Josh's chicken, everyone loves the smokiness. Tom says it wasn't that crispy but it had the most flavor of any chicken on the table. Emeril says that Stefan's dish is giving him the blues. Vinny points out that Stefan was already on the show once, and he gets a second chance and makes a lame, boring dish. Jon notes that both LA chefs served chicken breasts and Wolfgang makes a boob joke, of course.

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