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Overall, Wolfgang notes that they had some great dishes and some good dishes and then some that were overly complicated for no reason. Tom thinks they got some good flavors as well as some good sides. Vinny says he enjoyed the ones with bold flavors and good technique, and Wolfgang says he liked the ones that kept it simple.

Because the judges are drunk, judges' table is delayed until the next day. They don't say that's why, but you know that's why. That means the cheftestants have to deal with their anxiety overnight. Stefan and Brooke sit on the porch and mull over the options. Brooke thinks her flavors were good but if the judges were looking for fried chicken, Josh gave them traditional fried chicken. Both Brooke and Stefan note that they could be screwed if the judges wanted traditional fried chicken.

Weird interstitial. Brooke eats all the yogurt. Sheldon plays the ukelele.

The next morning, the cheftestants prepare to see the judges, but first, Stefan calls his mom, who has Parkinson's disease. So Stefan gets emotional. Does this mean he's going home? Lizzie tells Josie that her chicken was super moist. Well, that's a nice way to say greasy.

The cheftestants report to the Stew Room and Padma asks to see Josh, Sheldon, and Lizzie first. They are the top three. I'm a little surprised to see Lizzie there, but Tom did say that her chicken was flavorful and her side was good. Tom asks them if they were freaked out to cook for such big names, and they all were. Wolfgang thinks Lizzie fried the chicken well, but it wasn't traditional fried chicken. Lizzie says she's not familiar with it, and Tom and Padma think that's fair, and they liked her cabbage salad. Josh tells them that he was inspired by his grandfather's recipe, and Emeril says it was darn good. Sheldon wanted to make one savory and one sweet dish. Tom says the only problem was that Sheldon didn't give them enough chicken. Sheldon says he ran out of time, but doesn't explain that he burned the first batch, which I think the judges would respect more than hearing he ran out of time. The winner of this challenge is... Josh. Of course. I mean, he's the only one who served fried chicken that the judges liked.

So now the other three (Brooke, Josie, and Stefan) have to go face the music. Tom starts out by saying that they made some confusing choices, and Brooke can't stop nodding. She says that this was a really difficult challenge, and she overthought everything, including taking the chicken off the bone. Tom thinks that was her fatal mistake, because she lost all the flavor.

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