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Josie's intention was to serve all of the pieces of the chicken, but a fryer was down, so she served the boneless pieces. She did? They didn't mention that. David Chang tells her it was greasy and a gut bomb, and Josie says she didn't have enough time. Tom looks like he might have had too much wine yesterday and he's hungover and totally fed up with Josie's bullshit. He points out that Josie seems to always run out of time, because an hour to fry chicken is more than enough, and he doesn't know how she could run out of time to put the chicken on a paper towel for a minute to get rid of the grease. Seriously. Josie's next defense is that she thought it was delicious, and so did Lizzie, and so did everyone else who tried it. Tom asks if she's saying that the all-star panel of judges don't know what they're talking about. Seriously. What did Josie expect to come of that? Did she think Tom would say, "Oh, YOU thought it was delicious? Well, clearly we were all wrong then. You WIN!"

Padma asks Stefan why he made chicken cordon bleu. Stefan claims that they don't have American fried chicken in Europe, but Wolfgang begs to differ and Stefan doesn't argue the point. Stefan says this is his version of what he ate as a kid, and he tried to put a twist on it. Tom points out that it's not really a twist, and it's something you'd eat at a bad banquet. Tom adds that he thinks Stefan just cooked something that was good enough to get him through. Emeril adds that it wasn't even a good chicken cordon bleu. They all leave and Padma calls him "such a bullshitter." Padma hates Stefan. But does she hate Stefan more than Tom hates Josie? Let's find out.

Padma starts the deliberations by saying that all three cheftestants made mistakes, but who made the worst fried chicken. Tom thinks Brooke's mistake was that she got flustered and gave them a dried-out chicken breast. Wolfgang says that she took out the bones and then overcooked it, and David adds that the dish had no flavor. Tom says he's rather eat Brooke's food than Josie's greasy fried chicken, and Emeril says he couldn't eat one. Padma says that at least she gave them fried chicken, and Tom says it was greasy and nasty. David doesn't understand how she ran out of time, and Tom says "the Josie show." David is perplexed at the chicken cordon bleu, and Padma says that she hasn't even seen that dish on a menu in years. Emeril says he had it two flights ago. Padma is disgusted by Stefan's lying that he doesn't know anything about fried chicken. Plus, she hates him. Jeez, did they sleep together and then Stefan never called? That's kind of sexist of me. I didn't wonder the same thing about Tom and Josie, but mostly because Tom's married and I think Josie likes ladies.

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