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The bottom three face the judges to hear who's going home. Tom says that he thought this was a simple, straightforward challenge. Brooke's decision to give them a dried-out chicken breast was surprising and confusing. Josie is still having trouble with time management. Stefan gave them a dish you learn in the third week of culinary school, and it was a bad version. So who's going home? Josie. Hooray! I wouldn't have cared if Stefan left, but he deserved to stay longer than Josie. And Brooke deserves to go to the finals.

In Josie's exit interview, she says that she can't believe that she's going home because of fried chicken. She is one of the least self-aware people I've ever seen on this show. I'm sure she will be successful somewhere cooking Guy Fieri type food.

If you don't want to know what happened in Last Chance Kitchen, stop reading now.

Josie and Kristen were challenged to break down a whole salmon into ten filets and then cook them. Tom isn't impressed with either one's filleting technique. Kristen cooks a dish with pickled pineapple and raisins, but she doesn't have enough time to plump up the raisins so they have a weird texture. She's saved because, although Josie comes up with a delicious fennel-dusted dish (there's that fennel again), she overcooks her salmon, and Kristen gets the win. Thank GOD.

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